Microsoft Robux Rewards

Here is how you can get Microsoft Rewards Robux for free

Robux is the digital currency or token for making transactions on the famous Roblox emulator. Microsoft offers free Robux rewards to the users which they can use it freely. Let us see how to do that.

Microsoft Robux Rewards

Microsoft Robux Rewards

Here is how you can get free Robux as Microsoft rewards.

Step 1 : Sign up for microsoft rewards

To create free Microsoft Robux rewards account:

  1. First go to Microsoft Rewards program (Click here).
  2. Click on Join Now.
  3. Enter your Microsoft email id and password or create one for yourself.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the sign up process.
  5. Your account will be active.

Step 2 : Perform Microsoft actions to earn free Robux rewards

There are multiple tasks which you can perform to get rewarded. Here is the list of such tasks :

Use Bing as search Engine

When you use Bing as search engine, you can earn 5 points for every search you perform. The more you search, more likely are the chances of levelling up. When your level is increased, you will get more points for same task..

Use Microsoft Store for purchase

Microsoft will give free reward points for every shopping you do on their official store. It comes out to be around 1 point for every dollar. No matter you buy game, software, device, mobile, PC or laptop, you will be rewarded.

Participate in Daily Quiz and activities

You can participate in daily quiz and activities and earn more Reward points. There are offers which you have to check daily. Trust me, this is the best way to earn free Robux coins.

Step 3 : Redeem the reward points for free Robux from Microsoft

To redeem the free Robux rewards :

  1. First go to the Microsoft redeem page.
  2. Sign in with your account and go to Robux.
  3. Enter the points you wish to redeem and hit enter.
  4. That is it, you will get free Robux for your Microsoft reward points.


You should have a minimum balance of the reward points in order to place redemption request. When you are above that threashold you can make the successful transaction.

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