About The Techcheater

How are you friends. I am sure, you are loving The Techcheater this website just like Million other internet readers.

The techcheater is a version upgrade to our old technical blog and it will definitely give you some great technical stuff.

Here, i will not talk much about the Blog. Rather, i will give a quick introduction about the man behind The Techcheater.

About thetehcheater
Ishant Nayyar – The Techcheater

Ishant Nayyar – That is Me. 😀

I started blogging by chance and now i am posting content because of the readers. My readers have always been encouraging and have motivated me to post more and more.

Most of you Know me. Those who don’t.

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Some Random And Disturbing Things About Me

About The techcheater
Italy Memories
  1. I live in Delhi… and I love it.
  2. I am Automotive software developer too.
  3. From Ford Mustang to Ferrari Italia, almost every big car has some of my software contribution.
  4. People celebrate “No Shave November”. I celebrate No shave forever.
  5. I have a King Tattoo on my arm.
  6. I was in Milan Italy for Some time. I just love Italians.
  7. And I love Indian food.
  8. I love Thai food.
  9. I love food.
  10. Was Born in 1990.
  11. I’m 6’1″ and 185 pounds.
  12. I do not like to sleep. I just Sleep for 3-4 hrs a day.
  13. Who else hates movies?. I Do not watch movies. Why to watch somebody else’s life and that too after paying. I just hate it.
  14. I earn most of my money with the Blogs.
  15. I write Poetry.
  16. 🙂 I am single. There are rumors about my engagement with Miss world on internet. I love this rumour but i am not engaged.
  17. I am a car passionate. Few of the pics are below.
  18. I am a Taurean.
  19. God is generous. He blesses all those who work hard.

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