How to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

How to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Now that you know the big picture, I’d say it’s time to actually understand how to build the End portal in Creativa. In fact, this is the mode that allows you to actually create this element, without having to find it in your game.

The first thing to do, in short, is start a game in Creative mode. If you use the Java version of Minecraft for PC, you can create a new game of this type by pressing — starting from the main menu — on the Single player button, as well as then selecting the Create a new world. At this point, after giving a name to the game using the appropriate text field, you can click on the to have this option set to Creative. Finally, by pressing the Create a new world button, located at the bottom, a game of this type will be started.

If you usually play the Bedrock edition of Mojang’s title, which for clarity is the one associated with Windows 10, Windows 11, mobile devices, and consoles, you can do this by following the path Play > Create New > Create New World, then giving a name to the game and changing the Game Mode option so that the Creative mode is selected. I remind you that in this mode you won’t be able to earn achievements, but if you still want to proceed, you just have to press the Create button to actually start playing. In any case, if you need more details, you might be interested in taking a look directly at my tutorial on how to go into Creative mode in Minecraft.

Once you are playing in Creative mode, if you are using the Java version of the game, you simply need to use the ‘E’ key on your keyboard to bring up the inventory on your screen. Then, click on the compass icon located in the top right corner, and use the Search field to type “frame”. You will see two items appear on the screen: the one you need to drag into one of the quick slots at the bottom is clearly the End Portal Frame.

For the rest, you can also already use the search bar to find the object Eye of ender, which also needs to be dragged into one of the quick slots. You can also do the same from theBedrock edition of Minecraft, only in this case theinventory.close the inventory ( and not End Portal Frame). In any case, once this is done you can End Portal Frame located at the bottom) and the first element is called three dots icon it is necessary to tap on the mobile devices is usually accessible in another way.

At this point, after you have found some free ground, place on the ground 3 units of End Portal Frame in horizontal.

How to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Then move to the side and, starting diagonally from a block ahead, place 3 units of End Portal Frame in < /span>.vertical

Step 2 to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Now, complete the structure by placing 3 units of the End Portal Frame at the top and 3 units on the left side, thus leaving an empty square in the center.

Step 3 to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Great, this is the base of the End portal, but now it’s time to activate it. To do this, simply place theEye of Ender, which is the other item I made you move to the quick inventory, above each individual End Portal Frame block.

Step 4 to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

When you have done everything correctly (if the portal does not activate, proceed again paying attention to the direction in which everything is facing, perhaps positioning the Eyes starting from the inside of the square), you will see appear in the center of the portal adark area. Congratulations: you have successfully created and activated the End portal and simply jump into it< a i=12> with your character to actually reach the much desired dimension (be careful, however, as already mentioned, to have a < a i=15>good equipment, especially if you decide to switch to Survival mode).

How to make the End portal on Craftsman

Contrary to what you might think, the End portal is not only in Minecraft. Of course, it is Mojang’s title that has brought the latter to the fore, allowing players like you to access another dimension, but it is also good to quickly delve into the possibility of building this element in Craftsman: Building Craft, a title that was successful on Android via Play Store and alternative stores.

Yes, you understood correctly: in the latter there is a “quote” to Minecraft. To make a long story short, in theCreative mode inventory there are all the items appropriate to build an End portal. To do this, once you have started a game in Creative mode, you can tap on thethree dots icon< /span>, then starting to arrange the blocks in the way indicated in < /span>.Minecraft chapterEnd portal frame. It is precisely by taking advantage of the latter that you can find and obtain the object search bar, to be able to use a special compass icon present at the bottom right, subsequently moving to the tab indicated.

By doing so, in fact, and then using the Eye of Ender object, you will be able to “reenact” in Craftsman, also accessing . In short, now you are also aware of this “quote”.portal of the End), the direction of the Eyes (if the construction was carried out correctly also in terms of another dimension

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How to download Minecraft PE for free

download Minecraft PE for free

You’ve heard that Minecraft can also be easily played from mobile devices, smartphones or tablets. However, having no intention of digging into your wallet, at least at the moment, you started looking for a free demo version or some similar option.

So far, however, your searches regarding how to download Minecraft PE for free have proven fruitless. What you have discovered, in fact, is that the Pocket Edition now, in fact, no longer exists as a name, given that it has been replaced by other applications.

Also, you’ve noticed that there doesn’t appear to be a demo of the main version of Mojang’s mobile title. In short, in the end you were abandoning your research, but luckily you got this far. I would say that you have landed in the right place, given that in the following chapters I am about to show you various possibilities that might please you at least to try the gaming experience. So all I can do is wish you happy reading and above all, have fun!

Download Minecraft Education

Download Minecraft Education

Since you are wondering how to download Minecraft PE for free and that, as already mentioned, the Pocket Edition has now been supplanted by a app simply called “Minecraft” (which doesn’t have an official demo here), I think it’s right to let you know that it is possible to proceed in analternative way.< /span>

In fact, you may not know it, but there is actually an official version of Minecraft for mobile devices that allows you to take advantage of < a i=3>some free content. I am referring to the so-called Minecraft Education edition, designed for students or in any case for those who are linked to the school world. I know: you might think that the latter doesn’t interest you, given that it refers to a slightly different solution compared to the classic experience offered by the Mojang title, but you understand well that in reality it could be a good opportunity to get closer to the world of Minecraft without spending a cent.

Minecraft Education can in fact be downloaded directly from the Play Store and from the alternative stores< a i=4> (for Android) or from the App Store ( for iPhone/iPad). All you need to do, once you have started the application, to access some free lessons is tap on the button =13>Cancel, present at the top left, then choosing whether or not to allow the discovery of devices in the local network (which is possibly needed to play with other people connected to the same network, but you may not have this possibility on the demo side). In fact, this is how you can proceed, for free, by tapping on the item If you don’t have an account, try a demo lesson.

In short, in fact an official free possibility, in the end, there is. However, if you want to access the complete experience of the classic Mojang title, I can only inform you that, net of < a i=5>alternative titles which I will take into consideration later in the guide, Minecraft for mobile devices must be purchased (and You might therefore like to consult my guide on how to buy Minecraft).

Download a free alternative to Minecraft PE

Besides the possibility relating to Minecraft Education, if you are looking for something more “complete” and do not intend to spend money to purchase the mobile version of the famous game, you can turn to valid zero-cost alternatives. Clearly, since these are other games, these do not fully reflect the original title and, compared to the latter, may present shortcomings and/or imperfections. If this doesn’t matter much to you, then this could potentially be a good solution. Below, you will find a list of some of the titles that have attracted the attention of the community over the years.

Kiloblocks Lite (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Kiloblocks Lite

Kiloblocks Lite is one of the best-known sandbox titles inspired by Minecraft’s Creative mode. The game has interesting 3D graphics, is extremely fluid but does not have a mode similar to Minecraft’s Survival mode (creepers, weapons and so on).

Compared to the full version, which costs 4.49 euros, the free edition Kiloblocks Lite does not allow you to save or load your progress. The game is available for Android platforms (also on alternative stores) and iOS/iPadOS.

Craftsman: Building Craft (Android)

Craftsman Building Craft

One of the most popular games among those that take up the general Minecraft experience, at least as far as the basic mechanics are concerned, is Craftsman: Building Craft< a i=2>, title downloaded over 100 million times from the Android Play Store or alternative stores.

It is perhaps one of the titles that tries to remain as faithful as possible to what Mojang has done, so much so that it has also included easter egg like the portal of the End. Unfortunately the experience is not the best due to the presence of advertising and other limitations (for example, in terms of available blocks), but Craftsman is certainly among the solutions that have attracted the community’s attention the most over the years .

Exploration Craft 3D (Android)

Exploration Craft 3D

Another potentially interesting free alternative to Minecraft is Exploration Craft 3D. It is a game very similar in style to the title made available by Mojang, with the possibility of making use of in-game purchases to unlock new content, such as mounts or projects to build. These purchases are not mandatory and you can enjoy this video game in its free version.

The title is only available for the Android platform (also on alternative stores ).

Block Craft 3D (Android/iOS/iPadOS)

Block Craft 3D

Are you still looking for an alternative? If so, then you might also want to take a look at Block Craft 3D. It is, in fact, a project that tries to remain faithful to Minecraft from multiple points of view. It can be downloaded and played at no cost, but includes some content that can only be unlocked through in-app purchases.

Clearly there is no obligation and choosing whether or not to unlock such content is up to you. The aim of the game is to build various objects and buildings to bring your village to life and make it develop as much as possible. The game is available on both Android (also on alternative stores) and on iOS/iPadOS.

How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition for free on PC

How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition for free on PC

If you’re not interested in Minecraft Education and don’t want to play the free alternatives< at i=4> available on smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is move on to other platforms. Of course, there isn’t a real Minecraft Pocket Edition on PC, but what you might be interested in is trying Minecraft Classic, a version of the Mojang title available only via web browser.

Even if you can’t play it from your mobile device, it’s a solution that might interest you. I warn you that it does not reflect the current Minecraft gaming experience, as it is a primitive version of this famous video game that dates back to 2009.

If you are interested in Minecraft Classic, you can connect to the relevant web page< at i=4>. Alternatively, I recommend you read my guide on how to download Minecraft for free, in which I will also explain other alternative methods for playing the Mojang title for free both from PC or console.

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Looking for the ROBLOX screen saying DISCONNECTED: Lost connection to game server? Please reconnect error code 277 ROBLOX? Playing games is one of the best sources of entertainment for people of all ages. As you know, it takes a lot of effort, coding knowledge and human resources to develop a game (read: dematerialized games G2A! ).


It is a server disconnect error that disconnects users from the game server. It is not a major error, but Roblox developers have not fixed it yet. You will notice the following message when you try to log into a game or when you are in the middle of it.

There are several reasons why you may encounter this error on your Roblox. Some of the most common reasons include corrupted Windows files, bugs, or server issues (also read: Google Play Service problem?) .

So, here we are with some of the best methods that you can use to fix Roblox error code 277 on your device.


Before following the methods mentioned below, make sure to follow:

  • Clear the temporary cache. 
  • Restart your PC/laptop. 
  • Try using a new Internet network. 
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.


Roblox stores temporary data such as game history, settings, and other files on your device. These files can cause several errors in Roblox. So, deleting temporary files can fix Roblox error code 277 (compress your files with WinRar!).

Follow the steps listed below to delete Roblox log files.

  • Step 1-Press Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Step 2– Type the code given below in the text box and then press Enter : %localappdata%\\Roblox\\logs
  • Step 3- Press Ctrl and A keys together to select all files, then press Shift and Del keys to delete them.
  • Step 4-Relaunch the Run dialog box, type the code given below in the text box, and then press Enter : %USERPROFILE%\\AppData\\LocalLow\\RbxLogs\\
  • Step 5- Press Ctrl and A keys simultaneously to select all files, then press Shift and Del keys to delete them.

Now, check if Roblox error code 277 has been fixed (speaking of code, read: Warzone bunker code!) .

NOTE: Deleting the logs will also delete all of your saved games and previous settings.


Several users observe that changing the open ports of the router is an effective method to fix Roblox error code 277. The steps of this method are listed below.

  • Step 1- Log in to your router’s admin panel via any web browser.
  • Step 2- Click on the Port Forwarding section.
  • Step 3-Open your preferred port range by inserting the information listed below. Name/Description: Roblox Type/Service: UDP Inbound/Start- 49152 Private/End – 65535
  • Next, enter the private IP address of your computer
  • Step 4- Click Save or Apply to save the changes you just made .

Now check if Roblox error code 277 has been fixed. If not, move on to the next method.


Launching an application with a certain error in Compatibility mode is an effective solution in Windows. The steps to perform are listed below.

  • Step 1- Right-click on the Roblox icon and select ‘Properties’ from the drop-down list.
  • Step 2- Go to the tab Compatibility by clicking on it.
  • Step 3- Now, run the Compatibility Troubleshooter and follow the instructions that appear at the screen.
  • Step 4- Click on the option ‘Run this program in Compatibility mode for‘ and select the version of Windows you want to use from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 5- Click ‘Apply‘ to save the changes.

Now check if Roblox error code 277 has been fixed.


If none of the methods listed above help you fix Roblox error code 277, uninstall and reinstall Roblox on your device.


  • Step 1: Launch a web browser and download the Roblox repair tool from here.
  • Step 2: Download the repair utility/tool ​​and install it.
  • Step 3: Launch the tool and click on the option Scan Now.
  • Step 4: Wait for your system to scan for bugs and, if found, click the Repair button to get rid of them.
  • Step 5: Restart your PC and see if the problem has been resolved.
  • Step 6: Boom! Everything is settled now.

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Play these Roblox Games with your Girlfriend – They are the best

Roblox games to play with girlfriend

Roblox games are popular among couples and friends. People look for the games that they can play with their Girlfriends. Here are the top Roblox games to play with your loved one.

Best Roblox Games to play with Girlfriend

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Best Roblox Games to play with Girlfriend

Based on the couple type you are, here are the games :

For Competitive Couple:

Roblox Jailbreak:

This should be your first choice. You can Rob banks, race in the gameplay, run away from cops. This will pump up the adrenaline and will make you spend a good time.

Survive the Disasters: 

This will build a good bond between the couples. Teamwork is the key factor in this game. Coordination and support will be the key rule. You can together face different situation and rebuild the civilization. If you fix it, you will have a sense of feeling that you both can conquer the world together.

Blox Fruits: 

Teamplay and coordination matters in this game. You can master the fighting skill. You can train together and conquer the bosses. You both will become the ultimate power in the game if you play with mutual support. This is again a great game to play.

For the Creative Couple:

Welcome to Bloxburg :

You can play with your partner, build your dream home, decorate it and do much more. You can host housewarming parties and can create a home in parallel universe for both.

Royale High

You can wear great outfits, go to glamorous event. This is related to fashion focussed world. You can both coordinate and make the gameplay better.

Adopt Me :

If you both are pet lover, you will surely love this game. Build your perfect family and adopt pets during the gameplay. It will give great experience for the virtual parenthood.

For Easy to Go Couple:

Hide and Seek Extreme

Explore maps, hide in clever spots and stay hidden from the seekers. For sure, you will have the moments during the gameplay where you both will be shouting out in surpises.

Da Hood

Customize your charecter, cruise around to different places in car, play mini games and lots more. You can connect in game, chat, cuddle (Virtually :D) and be yourself.

Project Slayers

You can train as a Ninja and explore the breathtaking world. Battle together the powerful opponenets. The better the team, the higher are the chances of winning the challenges.

Important Tip:

You can rent a private server and play the game. This will let you be alone with your partner in the gameplay.

PS5: How to switch games, data and saves from PS4

Switch or transfer games and data from ps4 to ps5

Did you manage to buy a PS5 and now you want to know how to transfer all your data, games and saves from PS4? Here is our guide.

We know that it’s not easy, but if you managed to buy a PS5 you prefer to your shiny new PlayStation 5. transfer all the data, saves and games, despite the severe supply crisis, you definitely feel ready to move on to the new generation of consoles. One of the fundamental steps, if you have owned a PS4, is to

The procedures for doing this are different and all, fortunately, extremely simple and we will now illustrate them in our guide.

PS5: How to switch games, data and saves from PS4

The guide to switching games, data and saves from PS4 to PS5

Transfer data via cable or Wi-Fi

Let’s start from the first method, the simplest one which is requested directly during the initial configuration of your PS5. In fact, after entering the first data, the console offers you the possibility of transfer everything you prefer from the old PS4. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Turn on both the PS4 and the PS5 and make sure they are connected to the same WiFi network or connect them to each other with a LAN cable;
  2. From the PS5 go to “Settings“, then “System“, “System software“, “Data transfer ” and “Continue“;
  3. Select the PS4 console you want to transfer data from;
  4. While the PlayStation 5 prepares the data transfer, press and hold the PS4’s power button until you hear a “beep”;
  5. From PS5 select the data you want to transfer and click on “Start transfer“;
  6. Once the procedure is complete, the console will automatically restart including the data, games and saves you chose to transfer.

Transferring saves with PlayStation Plus

If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can take advantage of the service that automatically uploads your saves to the cloud . Generally the system does everything by itself, if not make sure that automatic synchronization is activated:

  1. Open the menu “Settings“, then “System“, “Energy Saving“, “Functions Available in Sleep Mode” and select “Stay connected to the internet“;
  2. Open the menu “Settings“, then “Game/app and saved data settings< /span>“;Saved Data ( PS4)” or “Saved Data (PS5)” and select “
  3. For PS5 games, select “Sync Saved Data” and “Automatic Sync Saved Data”;
  4. For PS4 games, select “Autoload“ instead.

When you want to sync your PS4 game save data you need to manually download the saves to the cloud. Select the title you want to start, press the “Options” button and then the “Check synchronization status” item of the saved data“.

Transfer PS4 games to PS5 with an external hard drive

Finally, if you had PS4 games saved on an external hard drive you can easily connect it to the USB port of your PS5 so you can access to compatible titles. The system will automatically recognize the additional memory, allowing you to immediately open the titles you have installed.

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How to get bones in Blox Fruits Roblox

How to get bones in Blox Fruits Roblox
How to get bones in Blox Fruits Roblox

There are multiple ways you can get bones in Fruits Roblox. Let us see how :

Fight Skelotons at Dungeons Below the Sea level

Skelotons are lying down at the Dungeons below the sea level. Go there and fight with the sekelotons. They drop the bones as a gift for you when you defeat them.

Fight with Bosses at Shipwreck Island

Not all bosses will give you bones, but you may defeat the bosses in Shipwrech Island and get bones in return.

Trade with Pirates

Visit the various islands and you can find the trading posts. Trade the bones with the Pirates and build your collection

Wait for the Events

Blox Fruits hosts a numerous events where you can expect rewards and prizes in forms of Bones. Keep a regular eye on such events and perform the actions as requested.

Explore the Buried Treasure

Sail through the map and deep dive the sea for exploring the buried treasure.


Make sure you do not visit unethical sources which claim to give you bones. You might end up compromising your game credentials or other critical / personal information.

Feel free to comment below if you have any questions.

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