You can appear offline even while using Roblox

Hello friends !! How are you ? Most of the people were mailing me for a way to appear offline on Roblox. Approximately 90% of the users want that nobody should disturb them when they are playing. So, let us see the solution for this.

Appear offline on Roblox

How to appear offline on Roblox

If you want when you are using the Roblox and playing games, but no body should be able to message you or ping you online, you have to follow this step :

  1. First go to settings of your Roblox Account.
  2. Now click on privacy.
  3. Now change the following options:
    • Who can message me : No one
    • Who can chat with me on app : No one
    • Who can chat with me : No one
    • Who can invite me to VIP servers : No one
    • Who can join me : No one
    • Who can see my inventory : No one
  4. Once you change the settings, then even if you are online, no body will be able to message you.
  5. Enjoy.

In case you have any question, drop down your comments below. There is no other better way for this. If you know any, do let me know. I will reward you.

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