5 Best Adsense Alternatives for Small Websites which will make you good money

Adsense is the most popular advertisement network for monetising blogs. But getting the account is quiet tedious for small websites. So, here i am giving the self tested Ad networks for small websites which are easy to approve for new bloggers. Also, the list includes the channels which are spam free and are reputed platforms. I have personally used each of them during my initial blogging career.

The toughest thing for the new small blogs / websites is to get associated with an advertisement network which can make them money. If your Adsense application is rejected, you can try with the following networks for websites which get low traffic.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is the one of the most widely used ad network which is 100% spam free and gives approval for small websites. It is the best CPM ad network for low traffic and large websites. Previously, it only provided text ads. They are now delivering almost all types of ads. They are improving their products every day.

Click here to Sign up for Infolinks.

2. Media.net

Yahoo and Bing offers an advertisement network in partnership. If you get most of the traffic from organic searches, then this platform is very good for making money. I am using it on most of my websites and it is giving quiet decent return. Personally I rely on Adsense much, still I use some of the Media.net ads.

They need a good content for approving. Though they do not worry much about your traffic, but the content and traffic source has a great role in the approval.

Click here to sign up for media.net

3. Popcash

This is another ad network which will give quick approval for small websites. Personally, I do not use it on my websites now. But I recommend my students and readers for this. Writing blogs without money makes most of the bloggers a bit negative. This ad network shows pop up ads which might irritate the readers sometimes but makes good money. In case you are just focusing on money, you can proceed to use. But if you are worried about your website quality, then you can opt for other alternatives.

4. Bitvertiser

Bidvertiser is another Adsense alternative for small websites. They follow pay per click policy and the publishers make a good money with their association. They provide banner ads and text ads. The minimum payment threshold is only $ 10. They pay through PayPal. This network pays very well but the ads look spammy.

5. Amazon affiliates

Amazon offers an affiliate partnership process to help publishers make money. The website owners use their code to promote the products available on Amazon. When a customer makes a purchase, amazon pays commission to the website owner. This can be placed on any website and has no traffic requirement. Unlike Adsense, the amazon affiliates pay for each sale whereas Adsense pays as soon as user clicks the advertisement.


Though there is no comparison of Adsense, but Media.net is the best Adsense alternative available for publishers across the world. Their high quality ads, transparent revenue reports and timely payments make it a best option to opt as a Adsense alternative.

In case you have any question, you may reach out to me via contact page.

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