Who is Bun Bun Girl / Bunbun Girls in Roblox

Bun Bun girl is the latest trend in Roblox. I oftenly search about the trending stuff but this time I got amazed to know about the Bun Bun girls. I researched internet to know the details about them. Here is what I analyzed.

Who is Bun Bun Girl / Bunbun Girls in Roblox

Bun Bun Girl – Hacker or What ?

Bunbun girl is a hacker account which many other Roblox users have reported. When you find this ID in your gameplay, you can keep a check and see the normal game operation. If you find something fishy, you should too report for the problem.

Here are some steps which you should follow to safeguard your account

  1. Keep clearing your cookies regularly.
  2. Logout from your account every time you are done with the gameplay.
  3. Use 2 Factor authentication with your login.
  4. Never use spam websites for any kind of access.

This is what we found on Internet, if you have any other information, please comment the details below.

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