How to Clean Phone From Coronavirus

Coronavirus is matter of concern all over the world and your mobile phone (Smart & Basic Both) needs cleaning as well. People use their phone all over the day and if a person has infection it is obvious that the virus will be there on the patient’s mobile device as well.

How to Clean Phone From Coronavirus

Follow the below steps

  1. First of all take Isopropyl Alchohol in a small tub.
  2. Now Add very small amount of water and common salt in it to make a solution.
  3. Open up the back cover and unplug the accessories.
  4. Take soft micro fibre & soak in the solution.
  5. Wipe off the phone with the cloth to disinfect the device.
  6. That’s it.

It is intereting to note that, though this does not kill 100% virus, but researchers say, it reduces the risk of getting infection to a very high probability. If you do not have Isopropyl alchohol, you may use your drinking liquor as wel. It is important to note that, home liquor is not replacement of Isopropyl achohol, but is better than every other thing available at your home. In case, you do not have alchohol as well, you may use alchohol based perfumes or deodrants.


It is very important to note that If you use public places even if you are maintaining social distancing, there is a high probability that your phone is exposed to the small micro biological viruses which may make you ill.

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