Fixing limited conection on Oculus Quest 2

If you are using Oculus Quest 2 and facing issue with the connectivity, then do not worry. We will help you out to fix it.

How to fix limited connection on Oculus Quest 2

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How to fix limited connection on Oculus Quest 2

To fix Oculus Quest 2 limited connection issue :

Step 1 : Check the WiFi Strength

First step is to check the WiFi connection strength. You can use free to use Techcheater tool and see if your connections are strong enough. If you see a problem with the WiFi strength, try moving closer to your Router. If it improves then you can figure out if you want to buy a new wide range router or manage by sitting closer to your Router.

If in case, this does not solve your problem, move to next step.

Step 2 : Reboot the network connection

Sometimes electronic devices start performing poorly if they are used for a continuous longer duration. You can perform a reboot on your device and reset the connection. You can reboot your router even if the connections are strong. They might be getting frequent disconnections..

Step 3 : Check your internet speed

To use certain features on your device you need a fast internet connection. Fast connection means good download and upload speed. You can use Techcheater free speed test tool and see if your connection is not really slow.

Step 4 : Factory reset Oculus Quest 2

If your connection strength is good and is working at a manageable speed, then you can proceed to reset your device. To reset it :

  1. Long press Power + Volume Down Button.
  2. Now using Volume Down select option to factory reset.
  3. Proceed further by pressing Power button. Confirm the action.
  4. That is it. Your device will reset to factory settings.


If you perform above actions step by step, then you can fix the connectivity issue on your device. If in case, still you face the same problem, you may contact the manufacturer.

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