Gucci Garden Roblox : New era of Metaverse begins with Roblox

Gucci is promoting its brand value on Metaverse with Roblox. It is providing a dedicated space where people across the world join. With this metaverse world, people will play in a virtual reality space experiencing a whole new concept.

Gucci Garden Roblox

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What is Gucci Garden Roblox

Gucci garden lets users to join together and enter the mutli themed rooms. When they enter, they enter as gender neutral avatar where they can get the Gucci merchandise and items.

How does it work

While playing the game every Visitor enters through a virtual lobby. The avatars can view, try on and purchase digital Gucci items there. Once inside the themed rooms, the avatars take the appearance of mannequin. At the centre is a garden room. In Florence, it’s capped by a ceiling; on Roblox, it’s open to the sky, surrounded by forest and seeds flowers on visitor avatars.


  1. Exclusive new avatars with gender neutral mannequin instead of boring rectangular Avatar.
  2. Entry into the world of Metaverse.
  3. Amazing Gucci designed merchandise.
  4. No usage limit.
What is Gucci Garden Roblox

What CEO says

The CEO says:

“We really believe everyone on our platform will ultimately be who they want to be and who you want to be. Avatar is very important,” said founder and CEO David Baszucki in the company’s earnings call last week. “It’s whatever we can imagine. We’re building… a system where any piece of clothing works on any avatar.”

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