Here is the way of sharing Google drive files with non Gmail users

Whatsup guys. Here in this article we will tell you the way of sharing any file available in Google drive with non Gmail users.

How to share Google Drive files with non Gmail users

Google offers to add share option with any email ID. Sharing is possible, but if the other user needs to edit the same, then they must sign up for the Google features with their non gmail account.

How to share Google Drive files with non Gmail users

  1. Open the file in Google drive which you want to share.
  2. Now click on the Share button on top right.
  3. Enter the email details of the user whome you want to share file with.
  4. The other person will get the email with the details.
  5. Now they can register on Drive with their non Gmail account and edit the file for further use.
  6. That is it.


If the other person does not want to register, still the content will be vissible. Registration is required to edit the document using the Google GUI.

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