How to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Now that you know the big picture, I’d say it’s time to actually understand how to build the End portal in Creativa. In fact, this is the mode that allows you to actually create this element, without having to find it in your game.

The first thing to do, in short, is start a game in Creative mode. If you use the Java version of Minecraft for PC, you can create a new game of this type by pressing — starting from the main menu — on the Single player button, as well as then selecting the Create a new world. At this point, after giving a name to the game using the appropriate text field, you can click on the to have this option set to Creative. Finally, by pressing the Create a new world button, located at the bottom, a game of this type will be started.

If you usually play the Bedrock edition of Mojang’s title, which for clarity is the one associated with Windows 10, Windows 11, mobile devices, and consoles, you can do this by following the path Play > Create New > Create New World, then giving a name to the game and changing the Game Mode option so that the Creative mode is selected. I remind you that in this mode you won’t be able to earn achievements, but if you still want to proceed, you just have to press the Create button to actually start playing. In any case, if you need more details, you might be interested in taking a look directly at my tutorial on how to go into Creative mode in Minecraft.

Once you are playing in Creative mode, if you are using the Java version of the game, you simply need to use the ‘E’ key on your keyboard to bring up the inventory on your screen. Then, click on the compass icon located in the top right corner, and use the Search field to type “frame”. You will see two items appear on the screen: the one you need to drag into one of the quick slots at the bottom is clearly the End Portal Frame.

For the rest, you can also already use the search bar to find the object Eye of ender, which also needs to be dragged into one of the quick slots. You can also do the same from theBedrock edition of Minecraft, only in this case theinventory.close the inventory ( and not End Portal Frame). In any case, once this is done you can End Portal Frame located at the bottom) and the first element is called three dots icon it is necessary to tap on the mobile devices is usually accessible in another way.

At this point, after you have found some free ground, place on the ground 3 units of End Portal Frame in horizontal.

How to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Then move to the side and, starting diagonally from a block ahead, place 3 units of End Portal Frame in < /span>.vertical

Step 2 to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Now, complete the structure by placing 3 units of the End Portal Frame at the top and 3 units on the left side, thus leaving an empty square in the center.

Step 3 to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

Great, this is the base of the End portal, but now it’s time to activate it. To do this, simply place theEye of Ender, which is the other item I made you move to the quick inventory, above each individual End Portal Frame block.

Step 4 to build the End Portal in Creative Mode in Minecraft

When you have done everything correctly (if the portal does not activate, proceed again paying attention to the direction in which everything is facing, perhaps positioning the Eyes starting from the inside of the square), you will see appear in the center of the portal adark area. Congratulations: you have successfully created and activated the End portal and simply jump into it< a i=12> with your character to actually reach the much desired dimension (be careful, however, as already mentioned, to have a < a i=15>good equipment, especially if you decide to switch to Survival mode).

How to make the End portal on Craftsman

Contrary to what you might think, the End portal is not only in Minecraft. Of course, it is Mojang’s title that has brought the latter to the fore, allowing players like you to access another dimension, but it is also good to quickly delve into the possibility of building this element in Craftsman: Building Craft, a title that was successful on Android via Play Store and alternative stores.

Yes, you understood correctly: in the latter there is a “quote” to Minecraft. To make a long story short, in theCreative mode inventory there are all the items appropriate to build an End portal. To do this, once you have started a game in Creative mode, you can tap on thethree dots icon< /span>, then starting to arrange the blocks in the way indicated in < /span>.Minecraft chapterEnd portal frame. It is precisely by taking advantage of the latter that you can find and obtain the object search bar, to be able to use a special compass icon present at the bottom right, subsequently moving to the tab indicated.

By doing so, in fact, and then using the Eye of Ender object, you will be able to “reenact” in Craftsman, also accessing . In short, now you are also aware of this “quote”.portal of the End), the direction of the Eyes (if the construction was carried out correctly also in terms of another dimension

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