How to connect Firestick with Echo Dot

You can use Echo Dot voice assistant instead of your boring Firestick / Fire TV remote. Conecting your Echo Dot & replacing it with remote is a popular query these days. You need a smart phone (Android or iPhone, both will work).

How to connect Firestick with Echo Dot

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How to Connect Firestick with Echo Dot

  1. Firs of all install & open Alexa app on your smartphone.
  2. Go to settings -> select TV & Video.
  3. Now select Firestick (Fire TV) & click link your alexa device.
  4. Make sure wiifi router is turned on and click on Echo Dot.
  5. Follow on screen instructions and complete the setup.
  6. Your Firestick will be connected with Echo Dot. Enjoy 🙂

In case, you have problems while making the connection, just try restarting your wifi router. You can drop down your comments in case you have any questions.

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