How to delete Roblox Account (On All Devices – PC, Laptop, Mobile) : 2022 update

Hey friends !! I am sure you are loving Roblox experience, but in case you are not and you are willing to delete your Roblox account, here in this article i will guide you.

How to delete Roblox Account

Delete Roblox Account

If you want to delete your Roblox account, you can follow the below ways. They will work on PC, Laptop, mobile and all devices :

Method 1 : Email Roblox Customer Care

In order to delete your Roblox account, you can send the email at [email protected]. Mention in the email that you wish to delete the account.

Method 2 : Call Customer Support

Simply Call Roblox at 888-858-BLOX and request delete your account. You need to provide your basic details including email ID, phone number associated with the account. They will send details and steps on the email. You can follow the instructions and then delete your Roblox account.

Method 3 : Longer Inactivity on user account

Just keep your account idle for more than an year. Once the account is unoperated then it will be deleted.

Method 4 : Get your account Banned

This method is the wierdest of all, but is rather more enjoyable. You need to break the terms and conditons 3 times. When you get warning for 3 times, Roblox will deactivate your account.

Signing Off

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