How to get Neon Pet in Adopt me

Neon pet is a different collection the game Roblox Adopt me. Getting them is not that difficult. Let us show you how to do that.

How to get Neon Pet in Adopt me

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Way of getting Neon pets in Roblox Adopt me

  1. First of all, Get four pets of same type to full grown status.
  2. Now go to the Adoption island in the gameplay.
  3. Go to the bridge near the neighbourhood.
  4. Jump into the water and enter the door located in the middle area that will take you to a cave.
  5. Now after this you will find four different colored circles surrounding a white one. You need to take out one of the fully grown pets that you have and place it in one of the colored areas. Repeat this process until you have a pet in each of the four colored circles.
  6. That is it. The pets will combine to form a neon pet.


Before you proceed, you must keep in mind that you will lose the pet which you combine together to get the neon pet.

Getting Mega Neon Pet

Getting Mega Neon pets is very similar to a regular neon pet, you need to have four fully grown neon pets and combine them in the cave to create a mega neon pet! The growth stages of a neon pet are different than a regular pet though, here’s what they look like:

  • Reborn (Newborn)
  • Twinkle (Junior)
  • Sparkle (Pre Teen)
  • Flare (Teen)
  • Sunshine (Post Teen)
  • Luminous (Full Grown)

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