How to see Apple Music Stats

Apple Music is now showing statistics to its users what they listened to with the details of the music play time. Apple has come with a all new interface with a name of replay that will create a custom playlist for you based on your interest of music history in 2019. You might forget, what you listen, how was your mood, but now it is the time to get nostalgic about your feelings of the year. The feature is trending on the internet.

How to see Apple Music Stats

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Experts believe that this clingy feature from Apple is a response to Spotify. Whatever it may be. It is making the internet go crazy for the stuff.

Steps to Check Apple Music Stats

Using Computer :

  1. Visit the Apple Replay Beta Page.
  2. Now Enter your Apple ID & Password.
  3. Click on Get Replay Mix.
  4. Replay playlist & Music Stats will display.
  5. Scroll down to see the complete stats for Apple Music.

Using iOS devices (iPad, iPhone , iPod) :

  1. Visit the Apple Replay Beta Page.
  2. The browser will redirect and launch the Apple Music App on your device.
  3. If you have the Music Subscription, you will see the replay option.
  4. Click to get the replay and analyse the other stats.
  5. Enjoy.

If you do not have the music subscription, then you will just see the Apple music app after visiting the Replay Beta page.

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If you do not have the Apple Music subscription and you proceed to use the replay, you will not see any data there. Do not worry in that case. Still if you are interested, you can purchase the Apple Music Subscription. Definitely not today, but you will be able to use the replay interface at some point of time in future.


Is Apple Music Subscription required to use the replay feature ?

Yes, in order to check the Apple Music Stats, you should have subscribed to the Apple Music Subscription.

Is it possible to Save the Apple Replay Playlist ?

Yes, after your Apple Replay list is vissible, you can add the playlist to the library.

Can i share the Replay playlist with other users ?

Once, the Replay playlist is added to the Music Library, you can tap menu and click on Share Playlist with the other Apple Music Users.

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