Please correct the errors on this form – Blogger Adsense Issue & Solution

If you are a Google Blogpost user and creating Blogger blog, then you must have come across the error message – “Please correct the error on this form”. This comes when user tries to insert adsense ad unit in the blog. This gets confusing sometimes. Let us now see the details and the way to fix it.

Please correct the errors on this form - Blogger Adsense Issue & Solution
Please correct the errors on this form – Blogger Adsense Issue & Solution

Reason for the Error Message :

The error comes when your Adsense application is in process. There is issue with the approval process. Most of the Blogspot blogs get priority for the approval, but in case blog does not have good traffic or useful content, in that case, Google Team does not reject the application, rather wait for the blogger to put some good content. Until the application is approved or rejected, you will see the option in Blog Layout section to add Adsense unit. When you try to add the adsense unit, it will throw this error.

If in case, applicatio gets rejected, then you wont even see this problem. If it is approved, then you will be able to add the ad unit.


  1. Login to the Adsense Account.
  2. Check if the application is approved, rejected or in progress.
  3. If application approval is in progress since long time, then just keep on updating your Blog content regularly.
  4. Once the application is approved, you will be able to add the adsense ad unit without any error message.

Very Important

You might have seen different blogs on internet guiding you to go to adsense and create ad units. That is just rubbish. This error will only come when you have a pending adsense application. Generally Google approves or rejects the application within 14 days. But, there are cases where it just takes time in months. In that case, you can not do anything. There is no Google support where you can contact. In that case, you have to just wait patiently and keep on updating the content of your blog. The blogspot users have benefit of using the in house Google product. Their application does not get any rejection.

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