Sandbox Roblox Extension | What is it & How to get it

Hello Friends !! Welcome to this new article. Here in this article we will tell you about a famous Roblox extension that you will definitely like.

sandbox roblox extension

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What is Sandbox Roblox extension

Sandbox Roblox extension is a game add on that lets you try unowned Avatars once before the purchase. With normal Roblox gameplay, you can not experience the Avatar items before you purchase them. But with Sandbox extension you can

How to download & install Sandbox Roblox extension

  1. Open Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Now install RoPro Chrome plugin (Download Link)
  3. Open Roblox client & look under the left side drop down option.
  4. That is it. Click on Sandbox and start using it.

If you have any questions, you can drop down your comments below. Enjoy 🙂

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