Shirt template in Roblox : Transparent & Colorful (2022)

Hello Roblox friends!! I hope you are doing good. Here i get you a very interesting article, with the details of transparent shirt template. You can wear it yourself. Also, you can sell it to make robux for yourself.

Roblox Shirt template

Roblox Shirt template

Here is the general shirt template in Roblox, which you can customise to color as per your choice. The shirt template is divided into following sections:

  1. Torso – This will be your main shirt area which will be sub divided into :
    • Up
    • Down
    • Left
    • Right
  2. Arms – The arms will be left and right and will be having different building blocks. You can chose the color of your choice and your shirt will look like it.

Tranparent Shirt Template

To make a transparent shirt, you can modify the template in the following way.

Roblox Shirt template

Steps to create

  1. Open the shirt template in the gameplay.
  2. Select all the blocks of torso and arms with transparent color.
  3. Save the template in png format and use it.
  4. That is it.

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