You can Download WinScp For Windows 10 absolutely free | The official Way

Download WinScp For Windows 10

The WinScp is a must have download tool for windows 10 64 bit of every server user. The latest version is available for the users here. WinsCp is a free open source FTP client which is in use since ages and is available for free download. I personally use it for maintaining the blogs.

Download WinScp For Windows 10

Download WinScp for Windows 10

The Official WinsCp for windows 10 devices (PC / Laptop / Mobile) is available for free download. You will get the setup that runs on your machine without any ads. The official app gives you the trust and you can use it without any tension as it is 100% spam and virus free. You will not see any ads. Just use the app and enjoy.

Here are the steps for getting WinScp

  1. Open your browser on the device on which you wish to install the WinsCp FTP client.
  2. Click this official download link.
  3. The setup will start downloading to your machine.
  4. Once the setup download completes, double click the installation setup and proceed with the on screen instructions.
  5. Now launch the app and enter the basic setup details
  6. That’s it.

Important Thing To Note About the WinsCp

  • The tool is Free to Use.
  • Works seamlessly fast and is reliable.
  • Your data is safe as the app is official and is a brand. So you can manage your FTP data about your business with a comfort.
  • Frequently updated to give you the latest features.

So, Enjoy and do let me know in case you get trouble in between.

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Signing Off

There are many FTP clients available on the internet but WinsCp has a hige trust of the users. When you use any interface for transferring your files, you must be confident to trust that the FTP is not looking / spying on your content. This tool gives such confidence and has a huge trust. So, opting the same tool is recommended.

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Skype for Business for Mac

Skype for Business is the most common instant messengers for professionals and here is available for free download. You can install the setup on your macbook devices including Macbook Air, Macbook Pro or macintosh desktops. The software is absolutely free to use and you can continue to avail the services without paying a single penny.

Download Skype For Business Mac
Skype For Business for Mac

The best thing about Skype is that it is cross platform. Meaning a person using a Macbook can send messages to the person using the app on its iPhone. It works almost with every OS. But now, let us just focus on the way of downloading it for MAC.

Here Skype for Business for Mac devices, including Macboos and Macintosh is available. You can download the setup, follow the installation guide and start using the app on your Apple Devices.

Steps to download

  1. Click this link to download the free setup for Skype for Business.
  2. Wait for the download completion and Locate the .dmg file.
  3. Double Click the setup and drag and drop it to the application folder which comes as a popup.
  4. Follow the onscreen instruction.
  5. Launch the App and configure it with your user ID and Password.
  6. Enjoy..

Features of The Software

  1. Free to Use.
  2. 100% Safe and Authentic.
  3. Ads Free and Spam Free.
  4. Fast and interactive interface.
  5. Works cross platform making it possible to send the message to people using other brand devices.


Microsoft has the monopoly of promoting their products. The office computers are mostly Windows machines and they can use Skype for Free. Macbook users also require Skype majorly for official usage. This is very important software for all professionals. You must download it in your device.

If you get stuck anywhere, you can drop a comment below. We will assist you quickly.

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