Different ways of turning off Gopro Hero 9 / 8 /10

Hero 9 is the latest GoPro camera which is available world wide. It has great improvements and the newer model is genuinely better than the older ones. The basic usage for the device has changed slightly. We will be covering the details in our website and videos. Let’s see them.

How to turn off gopro hero 9
How to turn off gopro hero 9

Turn off Gopro Hero 9/8/10

Turning on this device is easy and there are different ways of doing that. Here we will show you both.

Method 1 : Using Power / Mode button

  1. Long press “Mode button / power button” for 2 seconds.
  2. Gopro hero 9 will turn off with an animation on the screen.

Method 2 : Using voice command

  1. First go to settings and enable voice commands.
  2. Now to turn off your Gopro camera, just say “ Gopro Turn off”.
  3. That is it.

If you have any questions, you can drop down your comments below. Here is the quick video to help you understand the steps better.

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