Here is the way of charging iPhone 13, 13 mini / iPhone 13 pro or 13 pro max with old charger

Apple is intelligently reducing the cost by removing the charger with the new models. They offer lighting cable which you have to connect to your own charger. But there is interesting thing which you must follow in order to charge your device successfully.

How to charge iPhone 13 with old charger

How to charge iPhone 13, 13 pro, 13 pro max with old charger

  1. Get Type C to USB adapter.
  2. Connect your new iPhone wire with “Type C to usb connector“.
  3. Plug the “usb end” to old charger and “Type C end” to your iPhone 13.
  4. Plug in to the electricity switch and start charging.
  5. That is it.


The older charger were usb type and now Apple is providing Type C to lighting type wires. Hence, you need to make the wire compatible to the older charger. Or the second scenario is that your older charger itself supports Type C connection. Whatever may be the scenario for you, you can proceed accordingly.

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