How can you convert Windows 7 ISO to USB | All details

Microsoft offers ISO file download for their Operating System. But officially it offers a free tool to save the ISO file in a USB device. The same device can be used to boot any computer device (which meets the windows OS requirements) with the downloaded Windows OS version.

Now let us read the complete process.

Steps to Convert Windows 7 ISO to USB and use it further

I will classify this article to further sub parts.

Download Microsoft USB / DVD Download tool

  1. Click here to download Microsoft Codeplex tool.
  2. Double click the setup file and Follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Complete the installation on your computer.

Important : To use the tool, you should have .NET framework 2.0 or above. Without this you will not be able to proceed with the next steps.

Download the Windows 7 official ISO file

  1. Click here to visit the official Microsoft portal to download the disk files.
  2. Check the link of the Windows 7 ISO file for your computer processor (64 bit or 32 bit).
  3. Start the download and save the ISO disk file in a particular location.

Important – This link is official and Windows 7 is paid version. You have to enter your license key in order to use the Windows OS system on your device.

Convert Windows 7 ISO to USB

To start the Windows 7 ISO conversion to USB device, follow the below steps:

  1. Launch the codeplex tool.
  2. Now enter the ISO file path in the Source file box.
  3. Select the option of USB device to create the image of the Windows 7 setup on the usb bus drive.
  4. Start the conversion using Begin Copying button.
  5. You will get the ISO file on your usb drive now.

You can use this bootable usb drive now with any system. It is possible to instruct the computer to load the OS from this newly created device instead of its default path location.

Enjoy the Windows 7 experience. Most of the professional tools are not yet available on Windows 7. Do not rush to go for the cheap / free alternative OS version.

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