What should be the internet speed of your connection

Do you ask yourself, what should be my internet speed? Tech geeks ussually search the web in a curiosity to know their internet connection speed. When you pay for a service you expect to get what a company promises. This article will help you understand the details about how the ISP’s sell any internet plan accross the word. What is their understanding and how exactly you should consider it while getting any new connection.

What should be the internet speed of your connection

How much should be Your Internet Speed

The speed of internet depends entirely on the details of the particular plan you are paying for.

Here is a generalised formula to explain internet speed.

Internet connection Claimed speed = download speed at the moment + Upload speed at the particular moment.

To understand it better, consider this example. Suppose a service provider mentions that the plan offers 60 Mbps of speed. This speed claim will include upload and download speed in total of 60. It could happen like that at a particular point of time you get 40 Mbps as download speed and at the same time it has a capability to upload content over your connection at a speed of 20 Mbps.

So, next time if you are getting a plan, do consider this point and take your decision accordingly. It is good if you can ask specifically for getting a particular baud rate of download speed of your internet connection.

To Sum Up

  1. Internet speed is combination of Download speed and Upload Speed.
  2. Speed of internet will be shared with the devices connected over same IP.
  3. The internet provider can fine tune the Upload Speed and Download speed for your connection independently.
  4. You can use online speed tests to confirm if you are getting the same kind of internet connection as your Internet service provider assured you.
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