How to get bones in Blox Fruits Roblox

How to get bones in Blox Fruits Roblox

There are multiple ways you can get bones in Fruits Roblox. Let us see how :

Fight Skelotons at Dungeons Below the Sea level

Skelotons are lying down at the Dungeons below the sea level. Go there and fight with the sekelotons. They drop the bones as a gift for you when you defeat them.

Fight with Bosses at Shipwreck Island

Not all bosses will give you bones, but you may defeat the bosses in Shipwrech Island and get bones in return.

Trade with Pirates

Visit the various islands and you can find the trading posts. Trade the bones with the Pirates and build your collection

Wait for the Events

Blox Fruits hosts a numerous events where you can expect rewards and prizes in forms of Bones. Keep a regular eye on such events and perform the actions as requested.

Explore the Buried Treasure

Sail through the map and deep dive the sea for exploring the buried treasure.


Make sure you do not visit unethical sources which claim to give you bones. You might end up compromising your game credentials or other critical / personal information.

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