Cisco ip phone

Cisco IP Phone : The available list of popular VOIP phones

IP Phone provides the facility to make voice calls over the Internet protocol. Cisco IP phone is the most trusted communication device that will allow the users to communicate using the Voice over internet Protocol. With the global presence across the world, almost every corporate organisation uses the brand.

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Cisco IP Phone

The Cisco IP phone are used to communicate using the VOIP technology where the dialer and the receiver can have real time voice conversation over the Internet protocol. They work in a similar way as that of landline phones but they use the LAN connection for the information exchange. Unlike the wired landline, they send TCP / IP packets for the infomation exchange.

VOIP, a.k.a Voice over internet protocol is a service mechanism to transmit and receive voice packets using the internet protocol.



  1. No extra cost apart from internet connection.
  2. High quality phone calls.
  3. Fast and easy to setup.
  4. Assigns a dedicated telephone number.
  5. Excellent Company support.

Available Models:

SupportsModel 3900 SeriesModel 6900 SeriesModel 7800 SeriesModel 7900 SeriesModel 8800 Series
Occasional Use (Common Areas)YesYes Yes
Knowledge Workers (On-Campus) YesYesYes
Knowledge Workers (Remote) YesYes
Manager/Executives/Administrative Staff/Receptionists YesYesYes
In-Campus Mobile WorkersYes
Conference Rooms YesYes
Hospitality Guest Rooms Yes Yes
HD Video CollaborationYes
Bluetooth (mobile device integration, 3rd-party headsets)Yes
High-Resolution Color DisplaysYesYes
Gigabit Ethernet Switch Ports (for co-located PC)YesYesYes
Cloud Deployable (Cisco Spark)YesYes
Latest Security EnhancementsYesYes
Reduced Power Consumption (POE Class) YesYesYes

Cisco offers great customer service and support. You can connect with the online team for quicker and faster response.

Almost every big corporate company relies on the CISCO VOIP phones. With the increase in popularity, the startups and small companies are too emphasising on better network for easier and reliable communication.

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