How to Connect Fire Stick to Laptop

Amazon technology lets you connect your Fire Stick to the Laptop. This tutorial will guide you to connect your laptop with the gadget. Now there are two possibilities. One is to connect and view the laptop content on the TV which is connected with Firestick. Second is to connect the Firestick gadget on the laptop screen and view the content on the Laptop itself. The possibility of second one is less, still we will provide you with the information.

How to Connect Fire Stick to Laptop

Steps to Connect Fire Stick with any Laptop

  1. Plugin the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of the Screen.
  2. Now connect the device to the external power source and select the appropriate HDMI source on TV.
  3. Launch Settings -> Network -> Wi Fi Network and enter the password.
  4. After the successful connection, long press the home button on firestick remote and select mirroring.
  5. Accept the taskbar popup on your laptop and you can see the mirror content.

To perform the above steps, it is very important that you connect your Fire Stick to the same Wi Fi network as that of your Laptop. Else you will not be able to see the mirror content.

Direct Connection

If you wish to connect Fire Stick directly with the Laptop, you should ensure that the laptop has its own HDMi port with it. You can plugin the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of the laptop and then connect it with the same Wi Fi network. After the successful WiFi connection, your laptop and Fire Stick will be on the same network.


Do ensure that you are entering the correct password for the Wi-Fi connection. If the password is correct, do ensure that your Wi Fi router device limit is not yet reached. Still if you are not able to connect, just try restarting the router and then proceed. If the problems still exist, do contact the Amazon support immediately.

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