Conduent Connect : Log in / Self Service to Conduent Connect Account

Get Access to the Conduent Connect portal. After you sign in / login to your Conduent Connect account, you can check anything related to the organisation. Enter your user credentials here & manage your profile. You can also check your payroll details including CTC, Tax Declaration and payslips. If you wish to apply and manage leave details or even to Job referrals, the portal will assist you.

conduent connect
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When an employee joins the organisation, the user account is created by the HR tea. Also, it will be same as the same user ID with which you login to your computer. When you are logged in to the PC, the cookies of your system will logon your profile to the Conduent portal.

Conduent Connect

As soon as you sign in to Conduent Connect, you will get access to everything related to Employee and the organisation. Use this tool effectively and you can get anything which you need in the company.

Here is the link to proceed.

url :

Facilities & Features of The Conduent Employee Portal

  1. Latest news of the organisation.
  2. Single Portal for every detail of your Organisation.
  3. Create and manage service requests using tickets for smoother and faster execution.
  4. Apply for job openings within the organisation.
  5. Refer your friends and relatives for the jobs.
  6. Payroll management.
  7. Leave management.
  8. Requesting a transfer or new asset request.
  9. Book travel tickets and hotels for business trip.
  10. Information of the organisation within the globe.

For better management of the tasks and details, every bigger company has their own portal where the requests and details are managed centrally.

Without tools like this, it is highly impossible for an organisation to entertain every employees request.

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Still, if you have any query or concern, you can directly get in touch with your department HR.

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