Free Online tool to test Internet speed

If you want to check, if your internet connection speed is slow or fast, you can use this free online tool to test Free Internet Speed. The tool is very accurate and will give you the correct data in seconds. Whether you are using it on Smartphone (Android / iOS / Windows) or on Laptop or PC, the online tool will work perfectly fine for you. Infact, you can use this web based application on any device which you can connect to internet using a web browser.

Free Internet Speed Test
Free Internet Speed Test

Steps to follow

  1. Click this link to launch the Online internet speed tester.
  2. Tap “Run Test” button & Wait for few seconds.
  3. Analyze the internet speed details of your connection.
  4. That’s it.

Interesting thing to Note

When you see the internet service providers asking to test their connection speed, they specify a particular tool to test. I have personally noticed that the internet provider which promotes a particular tool gets better results on it. This is what i have observed, and hence to enhance the end user experience, here i get the best and the most accurate Speed testing tool for your internet connection. This will show you the unbiased data and will help you select a better plan and service for you.

How does it work

When you hit the test button, the internet browser sends the request to our servers, which are processed and sampled to know the frequency with which the tool is sending the data. Based on the server request & server response, the backend algorithm calculates the upload and download speeds of your internet connection.


The tool is online and is 100% free to use. The application does not require any technical know how and it will work with just a button click. The tool gives 99.9% accurate data and is appreciated worldwide.

If you have any specific questions or requests, you can always reach us through our Cotact Us Page.

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