Google camera Go and the Android photography : What is it?

What is Google Camera Go

Lighter version of Google camera is Google Camera Go and is known to produce great Android images . Google camera processes the digital images and the processing algorithms give stunning photographs. Google Camera is available on Google pixel phones and the Camera Go is lighter version which will be made available for other Android devices.

Google camera Go

Supported Devices : Available on all Android smartphones (On all lower and top end devices running on Android 10 or later). Google Go is advanced version and is available on only Google pixel devices running on Android 11 or greater.

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Features :

  1. Night Sight – For capturing great photographs in NIght light. It enhances the colors that get lost in dark.
  2. Super Resolution Zoom – This digital processing lets users to zoom in the captured images without blurring out.
  3. Top Shot – It gives the image which is perfect and nobody is blinking their eye.
  4. Portrait – With this feature you can enhance the subject of the photograph making the background blur or black/white.
  5. Long Shot – Social media like feature which lets you make videos in camera mode by long pressing the capture button.
  6. HDR + Dual exposure – Lets users capture HDR images.

How to get Google Camera go

  1. Go to play store and search for Google Camera Go
  2. Click on install and wait for the installation to get completed.
  3. That is it.

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