Way of changing background on Google meet on phone (Android & iOS Both)

Google Meet is one of the most trending application for taking online meetings. Most of the time when you want to take meeting but the location you are sitting makes it awkward to take the meeting. In that case, changing the background is the best option.

How to change background on Google meet on phone

Changing the background is also possible on mobile devices and we will you teach to do that in seconds.

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How to change background on Google meet on phone

  1. After joining the meeting, go to the sparkle menu at right corner of video feed.
  2. Choose the option Filters.
  3. Select the design/pattern of your choice and apply it to use over your video background.
  4. That is it. Enjoy 🙂

Other than changing the background, there are many other options including blur background, change in style and more. You can try out them for enhancing your user experience.

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