Online tool to Check Speed of your Google Fiber Internet

Check internet speed of your Google Fiber internet connection. If you are using the Google broadband service connection, then you can see the real time speed for your connection. When you avail any service, the provider claims to offer a benchmark quality and features. For the Internet providers, users must ensure if they are getting the exact baud rate while using the connection.

Google Fiber Internet Speed Test
Google Fiber Internet Speed check

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Google Fiber Internet Speed Test

With this free online tool, you can check and test the real time Internet speed of your Google Fiber Internet Connection. With our web browser based utility, you can get the real time data of your internet connection in seconds. Let us see, how to use it and what are some cool features.

Steps to check

  1. Click this link to launch our free online tool.
  2. Locate the “Run Test” button to proceed.
  3. Wait for the tool to analyse.
  4. Check upload speed and download speed details.
  5. Enjoy :).

How does it work

When you launch the free tool and hit the speed test button, then our web server analyse how fast your web browser is sending and receiving the data exchange request. The multiple dummy requests and the algorithm concludes to give you a speed number. So, you get the data without downloading any tool or app.

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  1. Free to use.
  2. Speed test results available on seconds.
  3. No registration required.
  4. No need to provide any user specific detail.
  5. Works on all devices that can connect to Internet using web browser.


If you face any issues while using the tool, reload the web page and perform the steps again. In case, you still see the problem, you may connect with us via our contact page.

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Disclaimer : We are not part of Google and our tool is not related to Google. We are independent and are providing platform for the internet users.

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