Here is the list of best free antivirus for Windows 11 (2022)

Although Microsoft Windows 11 devices come with free to use Microsoft defender, but still many people seek a need for the new antivirus softwares. Here we are offering the most trusted and reliable antivirus softwares which will protect your machines.

Best free antivirus for windows 11

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List of best free to use Antivirus for Windows 11

Here is the list of free antivirus which you can think to download on Windows 11

  • Microsoft Windows Defender.
  • Avira.
  • Avast Free Antivirus.
  • AVG
  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky security
  • Sophos Home Free

Read on for a quick summary of the best choices for free antivirus software for 2022.

Microsoft Windows Defender

This comes with every Windows 11 device and is absolutely free to use. Some people still feel an urge to get a better antivirus for their machine and look for other options. But this is the one which gets regular updates, works well with your device and does not slow up your machine.

Major points :

  1. No extra installation needed.
  2. Microsoft branding.
  3. Regular updates.
  4. Protects from ransomware, viruses and malware.


Avira is protecting the PC since years and is quiet good to use. It is also capable of protecting your Windows 11 device from malware and ransomware.

Major points:

  1. Need additional installation.
  2. Not completely free. Additional features available in pro version.
  3. Gets regular updates.
  4. Sometimes genuine software and files are marked as infected.

Avast Free Antivirus

This is one of the oldest PC protection software. I am sure, everybody must have downloaded once in their life.

Major Points :

  1. Need additional installation.
  2. Regular updates.
  3. Good easy to use GUI.
  4. Offers do not disturb mode.
  5. Alerts before opening apps as well.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

AVG offers award winning security. It has great GUI and works effortlessly on your devices. It works great with your device and you have peace of mind with this application.

Major points :

  1. Needs extra installation.
  2. Offers award winning protection.
  3. Protects against spyware, malware, virus and ransomware.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

It is one of the most used antivirus across the globe and is appreciated by bigger IT companies and institutes. The tool is light and fast. But some feel it is not that effective in securing devices from latest virus attacks.

Major points :

  1. Needs additional installation.
  2. Lighter and fast tool.
  3. Protects against malware, spyware etc.

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

The Russian company Kaspersky is banned in some countries but the bans are baseless. If you are not in any government authority or you do not have country confidential documents, you can install it for yourself. But if you have some data, just check with your admin if you can really install this on your machine.

Major points :

  1. Needs additional installation.
  2. Banned in some countries.
  3. Regular updates.
  4. Not effective in ransomware.

Sophos Home Free

It is not so popular antivirus which offers scan control from one device on other. Meaning, if you install the software on your child’s PC, you can still run the scan using your device. It is kind of new stuff which most of the companies do not offer but yes it is kind of new in the industry.

Major points:

  1. Needs extra installation.
  2. Let you control scans using internet.
  3. Gets regular updates but some users have reported delays.
  4. Not so effective in phishing protection.

Signing Off

We highly recommend you to use antivirus for your devices. This will protect you from cyber attacks and viruses. Whatever you choose, it will protect you. But if you do not use, then you will definitely make yourself at high risk.

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