Know more details of VPN on iPhone and know how to setup VPN on iPhone

VPN or the Virtual private network gives access to virtual network of devices which can be accessed over public network or the internet. iPhone allows you to connect your device to such a network by entering the connection settings and parameters.

VPN on iPhone

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What is VPN on iPhone

VPN on iPhone lets users to connect the iPhone to a virtually connected network of devices using the internet. The virtual devices can be anywhere in the world. Like they can be in USA, Europe or Asia. When you connect your iPhone on such a network then it creates a virtual connection with them.

Here are the mejor things which you can do once you connect your iPhone with VPN:

  1. Get enhanced security for public WiFi.
  2. Access geo blocked websites and content.
  3. Avoid country specific viewing restrictions.
  4. Avoid ISP tracking.
  5. Browse banking websites with more security.
  6. Browse anonymously.

How to setup VPN on iPhone

VPN on iPhone

Here is how you can turn on VPN on your iPhone:

  1. Open Settings -> General -> VPN.
  2. Enter the following information as provided by your VPN provider:
  3. Type
    • Description.
    • Server
    • Remote ID
    • Local ID
  4. After this enter the authentication detail by providing Username & Password.
  5. Select the proxy type and proceed to confirm
  6. That is it. Your VPN will be activated.


You can also activate the VPN on iPhone by installing the VPN app. Once you install the application, you will get a toggle switch with the name of app under Settings -> General -> VPN. You can simply turn on or off the switch.

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