Here is the step by step tutorial to install VPN on Oculus Quest 2

Installing VPN on Oculus Quest 2 is easy and just need few minutes. Let us see the step by step article for doing that.

How to install VPN on Oculus Quest 2

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How to install VPN on Oculus Quest 2

Step 1 : Enable Developer mode on Oculust Quest 2

  • Launch Oculus app (on VR or on mobile) -> Go to settings -> More Settings.
  • Select Developer mode and toggle to enable it.
  • Login with your user credentials and that is it.

If you do not have your account, you can create by providing your basic information.

Step 2 : Install SideQuest on PC

  • Go to Github website (Click here) to download Sidequest setup.
  • Double click the setup file & proceed with on screen instructions.
  • Wait untill the installation completes.

Step 3 : Connect Oculus Quest 2 to with SideQuest

  • Connect Oculus with your PC running sidequest using USB.
  • Open Sidequest on PC, select connect device and click Allow USB debugging.

Step 4 : Install VPN on SideQuest

  • Register your account on any VPN service you wish to use.
  • Download the .apk file of the VPN on your computer.
  • Open Sidequest & go to Repos.
  • Drag & Drop the .apk file in Repos section.
  • Disconnect Oculus from PC

Step 5 : Run VPN on Oculus Quest 2

  • Go to Home Screen of your Oculus device.
  • Now select Library & select Unknown Sources.
  • Click on your VPN apk and launch it.
  • Connect to your VPN server and choose location of your choice.
  • That is it.


Installing VPN on Quest 2 is easy. As per your need, you can opt for a paid or free VPN service. We recommend using a safer and reliable VPN network only.

If you have any questions, you can drop down your comments below.

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