Robux without downloading anything

Here is the way of getting free Robux without downloading anything

Robux or the Roblox currency is one of the trending searches which every Roblox looks for. Sometimes people end up downloading spam tools and applications. They do not work and also put the device at risk.

Robux without downloading anything

So on public demand, we are writing a dedicated article to help you accumulate free Robux and that too without downloading any software or application.

How to get free Robux without downloading anything

Step 1 : Use Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft corporation gives free Robux to the users who engage themselves regularly on Microsoft products. When a user signs up for Microsoft rewards, then user can earn free Robux by using Bing as search engine. Every time you search, you get free Robux.

Additionally, you can use Microsoft website to purchase Microsoft products including Laptops, mobile phones, Software and accessories.

Step 2 : Create & sell clothes on Roblox

Users can create clothes and sell them to other game players. By selling the new designs and stuff you can earn the Roblox currency easily. Again this method is free to use and does not involve any downloading.

You can learn more about the process of selling shirts and other clothes in this article.

Step 3 : Become Roblox member and get stipend

Roblox offers membership program where you can get the membership and start earning stipend for lifetime. You can get the Robux and use it wherever you want.

Step 4 : Learn coding, create games and sell in app purchases

Another interesting way to earn free Robux without downloading anything is by creating a Roblox game and then sell the in app purchases. Example, you sell clothes, characters unlock features in a gameplay when somebody pays using Robux. This method is tedious if you are out of technical background. Still it is a good option and hence we are sharing it with you.

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