How to get money fast in Blox Fruits

Here is the way of getting money fast in Blox Fruits Roblox (2022)

Every Roblox player looks for more and more money in order to get new accessories and in app purchases. The new purchased items will enhance the gaming experience and it will be a good option.

How to get money fast in Blox Fruits

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How to get money fast in Blox Fruits

Method 1 : By Unlocking chests during the gameplay

The small props available thoughout every island are chests. Players can touch them by either jumping or walking on it. They are available at the following locations :

  • Marine Fortress.
  • Skylands.
  • Prison.
  • Colosseum.
  • Magma Village.
  • Underwater City.
  • Upper Skylands.
  • Fountain City.

Get the chests and you will get the money for that.

Method 2 : By flying through the sky island

Once you have the ability to fly your player, you can use this method for getting more money. This is one of the fastest method.

  1. First fly to the highest island and search for the temple there.
  2. Go to the top of the temple until you see cloud surface.
  3. Destroy the cloud and you will reach a new area. Create spawn point at the location.
  4. Go to the temple again and enter the temple through the base.
  5. Look for the black wall, destroy it and collect the chests.
  6. That is it.

Method 3 : By Defeating Bosses

This method works for the players with higher game ranks. Start hopping the servers and then defeat the bosses there. For every such victory you will get around 25000 Beli for yourself.

Method 4 : By using promo codes

You may use various promo codes for getting more and more money. Currently there are no such active codes. Do subscribe to our notifications for getting the automatic update as soon as it is available.


You may use either of the above methods and get the best gameplay experience for yourself. We recommend you to use the free methods only and resist making the paid purchases unless you are financially stable. Do it with your own money and do not use your parent’s money for that.

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