How to create a Simulator on Roblox

You’ve recently been approaching Roblox , the well-known online multiplayer title created by Roblox Corporation in which users can express their creativity by creating personalized game worlds. It is precisely this possibility that excites you and, in this regard, you would like to create a Simulator , that is, a simulator of real activities to share with other players.

How do you say? This is exactly how things are and therefore you are wondering how to create a Simulator on Roblox ? Well, if you want I can give you a hand. As you can imagine, the topic is not one that can be fully explained through a single guide, but, if you are a beginner, in this tutorial I can provide you with the right tools to start approaching this world, as well as all the elements you need to give space to your creativity.

In short, you are about to read a basic guide to creating a Simulator on Roblox, which will allow you to start creating something concrete right away, even if, as you can imagine, initially the results will not be the most “elegant”. However, don’t worry: by rolling up your sleeves a little, you will have plenty of fun and will be able to achieve noteworthy results in a short time. Happy reading and good luck with everything!

Preliminary information

How to create a Simulator on Roblox
How to create a Simulator on Roblox

Before going into detail about the procedure on how to create a Simulator on Roblox , I think you might be interested in knowing more about this possibility.

Well, as partially anticipated in the opening lines of the guide, a Simulator is nothing more than a type of game in which it tries to reproduce a truly existing dynamic , for example the purchase of objects, often making the user repeat the same thing endlessly. activity.

In short, it is a potentially infinite game, but with often short operations to perform, which finds its pivot in mechanics that are as simple as they are “replayable”, which therefore push users to spend a lot of time on it.

It is therefore clear why many people want to create a Simulator: an operation that can be done using Roblox Studio , the official Roblox creation tool, made available by the game developers themselves.

If you have followed these pages in the past, you may remember that I have already created a tutorial on how to create a game on Roblox . Well, if you want some advice, before proceeding with this guide, take a look at that guide too, as it is “preliminary” to what I will show you later.

In any case, you shouldn’t have any particular problems, since I will start by installing the Roblox Studio program (which uses the same graphics engine as the game) and I will try to create a title as simple as possible, so as to allow you to quickly learn the basics that you need to proceed independently, even if you are a beginner.

I’ll warn you right now: the final result won’t be a “masterpiece”, but it will allow you to endlessly implement certain dynamics. More than a “complete” title, you will get a sort of tutorial, which will then allow you to delve deeper into the topic and put your creativity into action. The purpose of this guide is more to provide you with the right tools and tell you “where to look”, rather than to lead you to create a high-caliber Simulator. Clear? Well, let’s proceed then.

How to install Roblox Studio

How to install Roblox Studio

After having explained the general situation to you, I would say that the time has come to take action. Before proceeding with the creation of the Simulator, it is necessary to have the Roblox Studio tool available .

The latter, available for both Windows and macOS , has minimum requirements, which must be respected in order to use it: I will indicate them below.

  • Operating system : Windows 7 or higher or macOS 10.10 or higher;
  • RAM : at least 1GB;
  • Other Requirements : Active Internet connection.

In short, in reality the requirements are quite low and therefore you shouldn’t have any particular problems in using Roblox Studio, at least if you have a not too old computer.

To proceed, go to the official Roblox Studio portal and click first on the Start Create button and then on the Download Studio button .

Starting from the Windows procedure , you will get the RobloxStudioLauncherBeta.exe file . Therefore, open the latter and click on the Yes button . The installation procedure will be completed completely automatically , so much so that at the end Roblox Studio will start on its own.

As regards macOS , however, after pressing the aforementioned Download Studio button, you will obtain the RobloxStudio.dmg file . So start the latter and click first on the RobloxStudio icon (twice) and then on the Open button . You will be asked to enter your local user account password .

Once you have logged in, the installation will be completed, generally quickly. You will then find the Roblox Studio icon directly in the macOS Launchpad .

Now you need to log in with your Roblox account . If you do not have this type of profile, you can click on the Sign Up button and fill out the appropriate form that will appear on the screen. More precisely, the data to be entered are: date of birth , username , password and gender .

To complete the registration, simply press the Sign Up button first and then the Verify button . You may be asked to verify that you are not a robot (e.g. you may be asked to rotate images correctly and click the Done button ).

Perfect, you have now successfully created your account. If you want some advice, you might want to add an email address to your profile so that it doesn’t get lost. To do this, simply click on the gear icon , located at the top right, and navigate to Settings > Account Info .

Therefore, all you have to do is press the Add Email button and enter your email address . You will be asked to enter your account password and click on the Add Email button to confirm. You will then receive an email message: open it, press the Verify Email button and log in to complete the procedure.

Then, you can return to Roblox Studio and log in using the email address and password you set – congratulations, you’ve successfully logged in!

How to create a Simulator on Roblox

How to create a Simulator on Roblox

Once Roblox Studio is properly configured, it’s time to create a Simulator on Roblox . For this occasion, I will carry out a simple and quick game example using an excellent free tool called Simulator Kit By Roblo (created by the user roblo_andrejDDi).

To obtain the latter, simply connect to the appropriate page on the Roblox website and first press the Accept button and then the Log In button , at the top right. At this point, enter the username and password of your Roblox account and click on the Log In button . You may be asked to enter a verification code sent via email.

Next, click first on the Get button and then on the Get Now button . By doing so, the kit items will be added directly to your account inventory and you will be able to use them within Roblox Studio. After that, also add another Simulator Kit package in the same way .

Therefore, go back to Roblox Studio and first press on the New button , present at the top left, and then on the Baseplate box , in order to have completely free terrain available for your Simulator.

Step 2  How to create a Simulator on Roblox Steps 2
Step 2

At this point, expand the Toolbox tab on the left as much as possible (you can also close the others). If this tab is not displayed on the screen, just press the VIEW button at the top and click on the Toolbox button .

Next, click on the inventory icon (the second from left to right, present at the top of the Toolbox pane). Here you will find the Simulator Kit By Roblo , which you added to your account earlier.

Then click on the Simulator Kit By Roblo box to insert it into your game. If everything has been done correctly, you will see a small “green island” appear on the screen in the preview space.

Perfect, now you can “clean” your project by removing the Baseplate element , i.e. the empty space that was previously present. To do this, move to the Explorer tab on the right, right-click on the Baseplate item and click on the Delete option .

STep 3

At this point, expand the Simulator Kit entry present in the Explorer tab , on the right, select Ungroup In[StarterGui] with the right mouse button and click on the Ungroup option . So do the same with Ungroup In[Workspace] .

Now, move the Main element inside the StarterGui folder , always present in the Explorer tab. Next, move the SpawnLocation and Baseplate elements above the Workspace entry . Perfect, now you can also delete, using the Delete option , the Simulator Kit element , since you have “extracted” all the elements from it.

If everything has been done correctly, you will see some blue buttons appear in the space dedicated to the preview, from Shop to Rebirth . Well, this means that you already have some interesting possibilities at your disposal.

To proceed, press the HOME button , located at the top, and click on the Play button : your game will start, obviously in its current state. You will see that you can already move your character within the game world using the directional arrows on the keyboard.

STep 4 to create simulator on roblox

By pressing the Shop button on the left, you will notice that the interface to potentially create a Shop is already there . By clicking on the Rebirth button instead , you will be informed of the presence of a mechanic that allows the player to “resurrect” by paying a certain number of dollars .

Otherwise, the dollar space currently reads N/A and you can’t do much in the game. What you are using is in fact just a basic kit to start making a Simulator. Then press the Stop icon to stop the game preview.

Well, to provide money to your character, move to the Explorer tab on the right, press on an empty space with the right mouse button and select the Insert Object > Folder options .

By doing so, a folder called Folder will be created . Press on it with the right mouse button and click on the Rename option . So type leaderstats and press Enter . After that, move the folder up to the Players entry .

How to create a Simulator on Roblox Steps 5

At this point, right-click on an empty space in the Explorer tab and select the Insert Object > IntValue items from the menu. This will create a Value element , which I recommend renaming to Money . Simply put, the latter is the number of dollars you have available.

Then move it above the leaderstats folder you created previously. At this point, press the Play icon and move the leaderstats folder above the entry relating to your username . If everything has been done correctly, you will see the number of money at your disposal appear in the game preview at the top right.

Therefore, select the Money element on the right and click first on the VIEW item at the top and then on the Properties one . By doing so, a tab will appear at the bottom right that allows you to set how much money your character has.

All you have to do, therefore, is to modify the value and enter, for example, 500,000 . By doing so, you will actually get the money in the game and you will see all the related writings change. Perfect, you’re practically at the end: hold on a little longer.

How to create a Simulator on Roblox Steps 6

At this point, go back to the inventory , using the tab on the left, and press on the Simulator Kit box (and not on “Simulator Kit by Roblo”). By doing so, you will see another “island” appear. All you have to do is expand the Simulator Kit entry and, as you have already done previously, use the Ungroup function in the folders specifically indicated in the name of the elements.

You will see many more possibilities appear on the screen in the preview. Then expand the entry relating to your username , press on the leaderstats folder and change the Cash value from 0 to, for example, 500,000 .

If you want, you can also use the Cash Giver button at the bottom and press on your character , in order to get money directly in-game . In any case, you can now press the Shop button to take a look at the items to buy, as well as the To Surface button , to drop your character.

If these mechanics don’t work, you could try deleting the previous Main element , present in the StarterGui folder . For the rest, congratulations: you have successfully created your first Simulator: a simulator of purchases and falls !

How to create a Simulator on Roblox Steps 7

Obviously, this is still a basic game , among other things created using starter kits from another user. However, this is probably the quickest way to bring a Simulator to life.

In any case, now that you know a little about the basics of Roblox Studio, you can put them into action to take your ideas forward and create a Simulator that you think best suits your needs and expectations.

If you want advice, a YouTube channel, in English , that you might be interested in following is PurlyDev – RBLX , given that he is the creator of the kits used in this tutorial and often provides interesting information from this point of view. All I have to do is wish you good luck with your project!

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