How to put Texture Packs in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game that relies heavily on creativity: this has attracted the attention of a large number of users, placing it in the Olympus of the videogame sector. On the other hand, the mechanics underlying the Mojang title allow you to essentially build what you want in a relatively simple way, effectively changing the map.

As the player progresses, for example, in Survival mode, he becomes familiar with the world and begins to have more confidence in himself, aiming higher and higher. Despite this sort of metaphor for life, an old saying states that even the eye wants its part. In this context, you are therefore wondering how to put Texture Packs in Minecraft .

In fact, you would like to try to improve the graphics of the game, in order to try to appreciate even more what is offered by the splendid world of Mojang’s title. Let’s put it this way: in the real world there are those who wear certain items of clothing to “show off”, in Minecraft you can do more or less the same thing using the Texture Packs. In any case, below you can find all the indications of the case. There’s nothing left for me to do except wish you happy reading and have fun!

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Preliminary information

How to put Texture Packs in Minecraft

Before going into detail about the procedure on how to put Texture Packs on Minecraft , I think you might be interested in knowing more about this possibility.

Well, as mentioned at the beginning, Texture Packs , also known as Resource Packs , allow you to improve or otherwise change the graphics of the game. Let me explain better: every object you see within Minecraft has textures , i.e. visual elements that allow you to see everything as it should.

Minecraft is a title originally released in 2009, which among other things has never focused too much on the technical sector, but on the gameplay and gaming experience in general. This means that the original textures are now a little dated , so it is clear that someone might want to try to replace them, in order to make the graphics more “modern” .

Of course, the most loyal players actually still prefer the original textures and don’t want to make use of other Texture Packs, but probably if you’ve come this far you don’t feel the same way. On the other hand, actually using this type of solution can make the result more pleasant in certain contexts (the real world equivalent of makeup, there are those who believe that the latter improves the “result” and those who don’t want to know and focuses on natural).

Going beyond this choice, which is obviously a personal one, over the years there are quite a few, given the aforementioned situation, who have decided to replace the original textures with renewed texture packages , perhaps in HD . In this way, it is potentially possible to make the game world more detailed and enjoy the experience further.

Minecraft textured packages

Furthermore, if you are a long-time Minecraft player, using the Texture Packs may allow you to see the Mojang title in a different guise. In fact, sunsets and the landscape in general could make your adventure more exciting, if you are the type of user who plays with an open heart and lets his emotions be lulled by videogame works.

In short, I understand why you want to change the textures, that is, the two-dimensional images applied to three-dimensional models that make up everything you see inside Minecraft.

How to put Texture Packs in Minecraft

After having explained the general situation to you, I would say that the time has come to take action and actually explain how to apply the Texture Packs to the Mojang title. Below you can find what you are looking for, both in relation to the Java version for PC of the game and the Bedrock version , available on Windows 10 and later, mobile devices and consoles.

How to put Texture Packs on Minecraft Java Edition

How to put Texture Packs on Minecraft Java Edition

The version of Minecraft that, generally speaking, is most appreciated in terms of customization is certainly the Java one for PC .

In fact, the latter represents a “fertile ground” for lovers of mods and the like. In fact, over the years, users of the Mojang title community have indulged themselves and created almost everything for the so-called Java Edition.

On the other hand, Minecraft focuses a lot on creativity and therefore it is clear why enthusiasts decide to spend their time on constructions and content aimed perhaps at entertaining some other users.

Passion is able to give life to different “pearls”, as you can also see in my tutorial linked to the best mods for Minecraft . In this context of total creative freedom, which obviously attracted the attention of a good number of people, there is no shortage of content capable of improving the graphics of the game .

This is where Texture Packs come into play : there are countless solutions of this type online. In fact, users have also indulged themselves when it comes to textures, guaranteeing a very wide range of choices .

Texture Packs are often thought of only as a tool to render game graphics in “HD” or in any case to improve them, but in reality the community has managed to make very interesting creative use of them over the years .

In fact, as I explained in the preliminary chapter , textures actually represent that element that “gives life” to everything you see on the screen , so you understand well that it is potentially possible to modify everything .

This means you have a lot of choice in terms of which Texture Packs you can use. To give you a concrete example, the A Touch of Trek package , available for versions 1.14.4 and 1.13.2 of the game and downloadable from the 9Minecraft website , winks at lovers of the well-known media franchise Star Trek , adding a good collection of dedicated textures .

Having said this necessary premise, if you are looking for something more “classic” , I can only advise you to focus on Miranda , a Texture Pack capable of making the game graphics more realistic , among other things in a more “impactful” way than many other packages.

In any case, before proceeding with the installation of Miranda, compatible with versions 1.15.2 and 1.14.4 of Minecraft, it is necessary to install the OptiFine mod , a requirement which is also necessary to correctly use many Texture Packs.

To proceed, simply connect to the official OptiFine portal , press on the Show all versions item at the bottom and click on the Download button , present next to the version of the game you have (which must be compatible with the Texture Pack you have chosen , for example pointing to version 1.15.2 or 1.14.4 in the case of Miranda).

You may be asked to press the Skip button at the top right to skip the advertisement and then again on the Download button . At this point, you will get the OptiFine-[version].jar file . All you have to do is start the latter and press the Install button , then completing the operation by clicking on the OK button .

Congratulations, now the mod is in place: for any doubts, you can refer to my guide on how to download OptiFine . Once this is done, it’s time to download and install the Miranda Texture Pack .

Connect, therefore, to the 9Minecraft website and press the Download from Server 1 (or Download from Server 2 ) button, then confirm your wish by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button . At this point, close any advertising pages and you will obtain the Miranda Resource Pack [version].zip file .

Subsequently, start the Minecraft Launcher , select the correct version of OptiFine from the menu at the bottom left and press the PLAY button . Then, press the Options button , select the Resource packages item , click on the Open packages folder button and copy the ZIP file you downloaded previously into it .

Then press the Done button . By clicking the Resource Packs button again you should see the Miranda Resource Pack applied. Then press on the Texture Pack icon and click on the Yes button to apply it, even if the game deems it “incompatible” .

After that, press the Done button and wait for all the new textures to be applied . If everything is done correctly, you should already see a change in the game’s menus . Therefore, start any game and you will notice a radical change to the graphics , which will be more realistic.

Excellent, you have correctly applied the Miranda Texture Pack and now you also know how to download and install most of these packages available online for the Java version of Minecraft .

For the rest, given that your goal is to improve the graphics and you already have OptiFine , I recommend that you press the Esc button while you are in the game , click on the Options item and move to the Graphics > Shaders path . From here you just need to press on INTERNAL SHADERS and wait for the operation to complete.

You will see that you will not regret it, as some elements will be a little more realistic . For the rest, if you want to take a “next step” from that point of view, I recommend you consult my tutorial on how to install shaders on Minecraft (in particular, you might be interested in the SEUS package , which significantly increases the realism of the water and many other elements of the game).

How to put Texture Packs on Minecraft Bedrock

How to put Texture Packs on Minecraft Bedrock

If you are wondering, for example, how to put Texture Packs on Minecraft for PS4 , how to put Texture Packs on Minecraft for Windows 10 or how to put Texture Packs on Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition, now simply called Minecraft), this part of the guide is the one for you.

In fact, I am about to explain how to carry out this operation regarding the Bedrock version of the Mojang title, available for Windows 10 and later, mobile devices and consoles. In this case, the advice is to only go through the official digital store inside the game , so as not to have security problems.

In fact, in the past some attackers have used content linked to this version of the game to create fleeceware , i.e. applications capable of extracting money from unsuspecting users by offering false aesthetic enrichment elements for Minecraft. In short, given that the Bedrock version allows you to do everything in an official way , it is better to aim for this type of solution rather than using files downloaded from third-party portals, which are not always reliable.

Proceeding through the in-game store is very simple: just start Minecraft , press the Marketplace button on the main screen and select the Textures and more option . The latter contains all the relevant Texture Packs . If you want some advice, you might think about pressing the All texture packs button , so you can take a look at all the available packs.

From this screen you can use all the filters you want. For example, you can choose to search only for free Texture Packs , using the option linked to Minecoins (which represent the internal currency of the game).

As you can see, there are many official solutions available for the Bedrock version of Minecraft, so in this case it doesn’t make much sense to go through third-party portals.

In any case, if your goal is to improve the graphics of Minecraft Bedrock Edition , there are various interesting packages. The first, accessible from the Minecraft Texture Packs section , is called Minecraft Texture Beta Update : it is made directly by the developers and is totally free . This package is able to give a slightly more “innovative” touch to the textures.

If, however, you want to go even further, you might be interested in downloading some popular Texture Packs such as Modern Textures in HD by Imagiverse , sold for 990 Minecoins or 6.99 euros . The latter is in fact able to improve the graphics of the game , as you can see in the specific video uploaded to YouTube .

In any case, to download and apply , for example, a free package, simply go to the appropriate page , press the Download button , confirm your choice if necessary and press the Activate texture package button . After that, you will be asked to select the Texture Pack box , present under the MY PACKAGES item and press the Activate button to apply it.

Perfect, now all you have to do is start any game to see the package you chose in action. In short, in the case of the Bedrock version of Minecraft, applying the Texture Packs is very simple.

For the rest, since you are interested in this possibility, I would advise you to also consult my tutorials related to the best Texture Packs (where you can find other solutions that could be useful to you) and on how to create Texture Packs for Minecraft (in way to give free rein to your creativity).

Finally, since you’re a fan of the Mojang title, you might want to take a look at my site page dedicated to Minecraft . In fact, in the latter you can find many other tutorials that could be right for you.

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