How to buy Minecraft

After downloading the trial version of Minecraft, would you like to purchase the full version of the game but aren’t sure how? Not sure about the supported platforms or payment methods accepted by the manufacturer? No problem, in this article I will explain in detail how to buy Minecraft for every type of platform on which the game is available: computers with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS/iPadOS and all the main video game consoles.

The process is really simple and takes very little time. If you are using a PC, you can do everything from the web browser or from the Windows Microsoft Store, while on mobile and console you can rely on the convenient stores integrated into these devices, with the possibility of choosing between various payment methods, including card and PayPal.

Come on then, don’t waste any more time! Make sure you have everything you need at hand, take five minutes of free time and follow my instructions. You will see that in no time you will have your own copy of Minecraft and you will be able to download it and start playing immediately! Happy reading and have fun!

How to buy Minecraft on PC

How to buy Minecraft

First of all, to buy Minecraft on PC, you need to go to the official Minecraft web page . From here you can choose whether to purchase the option for the base game for 29.99 euros (price subject to change) which contains both the Java version and the Bedrock version, or the Deluxe Collection which contains additional in-game rewards exclusive to the version Bedrock at 39.99 euros (price subject to change). I warn you that while the Java Edition works on Windows, macOS and Linux, the Bedrock only works on Windows 10 and Windows 11.

By clicking on the green Buy button you will be redirected to a login page where you will need to log in with your Microsoft account. If you have Windows on your PC, chances are you already have one, but if you don’t you’ll need to create one .

Once logged in, you will be asked to select your preferred payment method, here you can choose whether to use your credit card, or if you prefer, your PayPal account for faster payment. After filling in the various fields with your credit card information, or your PayPal account, there will be a short phase to verify that the payment has been successful and immediately afterwards you will be able to download the game for your platform. If you want to download a version of the game for another operating system, or perhaps download the server to play with your friends , select the More download options item located immediately under the big green download button.

If you have a PC with Windows, I inform you that if you want you can make the purchase directly from the Microsoft Store . Here too you will have the option to choose the basic version of the game (Minecraft: Java & Bedrock Edition), or select the Deluxe Collection with additional rewards exclusive to the Bedrock version. Purchasing it from the Minecraft site or the Microsoft Store makes no difference, as the game still uses your Microsoft account to log in.

minecraft java bedrock edition for pc

Furthermore, again on PCs with a Windows operating system, each version of Minecraft is also included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription . Game Pass is a service created by Microsoft to provide a large catalog of games to users who play from Xbox consoles or PCs running Windows. To find out what other games are included in this subscription, check out my article on the best games on Game Pass .

To start playing, at this point all you have to do is start the game after downloading. By the way, if you are intent on downloading and using Minecraft: Java Edition, I highly recommend you follow my article on how to download Java , which is required so you don’t have any kind of problem during startup or installation of the video game.

Differences between Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Edition

As I have already informed you in the previous paragraph, Minecraft: Java Edition works on Windows, Mac and Linux, while Minecraft: Bedrock Edition only works on Windows. Aside from the difference in compatibility with operating systems, there are several distinctions between the Java and Bedrock versions.

The biggest difference between the two versions lies in the manufacturing. As you can imagine from the name, the Java Edition is developed in the Java programming language , and is based on the original version of the game created in 2009 for computers. Among other things, if you are passionate about IT and want to try your hand at the world of Java programming, I have written some guides on how to learn Java and how to program in Java that could be useful for your business!

The Bedrock Edition, however, is programmed in C++ for the need for consistency and cross-platform compatibility. The Bedrock Edition subtitle in fact only exists on PC, as on consoles and mobile devices, the same version is simply called Minecraft.

Both Java Edition and Bedrock receive frequent and consistent updates that always add new features to the gameplay, or that fix problems such as bugs or glitches. The difference in programming language, however, affects the speed of development, often resulting in functions arriving first on Java Edition, or first on Bedrock. Eventually, however, all updates arrive on both versions and the developers try to keep the Java version for PC and the multiplatform Bedrock version as “on par” as possible.

With the Java Edition it is possible to play in early access to new versions of Minecraft that have not yet been definitively released. These versions are called snapshots , and are nothing more than testing versions of the game, which while on the one hand contain new preview content, are not perfect and could contain numerous problems and even corrupt the game world saves.

The Bedrock Edition is no different in terms of early access, but unlike Java, the testing versions are simply called Beta and are available on Windows, Xbox consoles and Android.

There is also a substantial difference between the two editions regarding multiplayer . In fact, while the Java Edition exists only on PC and its multiplayer features are limited to the Java version only, the Bedrock Edition is the version present on all platforms, and which therefore supports cross-platform multiplayer . For example, a user using Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on PC will have no problem playing with a friend who plays Minecraft on Switch or Xbox; however if he is using the Java Edition, he will only be able to play with other users of the same edition.

There are other differences, such as the presence of an in-game shop in the Bedrock version which allows, for example, to purchase cosmetic items to customize your avatar, or the possibility of connecting a controller to play, if you prefer it to mouse and keyboard.

In conclusion it could be said that while the Bedrock Edition is designed for the average user, with a well-defined and customer-optimized gaming experience, the Java Edition is designed for more “geeky” PC players, who can customize the texture of your game, customize it with Minecraft mods and more.

By purchasing Minecraft for PC you won’t have to worry about which edition to choose as they are both included in the price, but remember that if you want to play with a friend of yours who uses another gaming platform, you will have to use the Bedrock Edition.

How to buy Minecraft on console

To purchase Minecraft on console the procedure is really basic and immediate. You can do it directly from your platform’s digital store, or if you prefer the “boxed” version, you can always choose to order it, for example from Amazon. Whatever your case, read on and I’ll guide you through purchasing Minecraft on console.

How to buy Minecraft on PS4 and PS5

How to buy Minecraft on PS4 and PS5

Do you want to buy Minecraft on your PlayStation but don’t know where to do it? Don’t worry, just turn on your console and head to the PlayStation Store . To do this, use the directional arrows on your controller to select the PS Store tile from your console’s main menu. If you can’t locate it, it should be first from the left in the row of visible applications, with the blue shopping bag icon. To open it, press the X button on your pad. In the event that you are unable to access the digital store, you may need help accessing PSN. In this case I will redirect you to my guide on how to access the PlayStation Network, where you can find all the information you need to make sure your console is connected to the Internet and connecting correctly to the PlayStation Network.

Once inside the store all you have to do is use the search function (which can also be activated by pressing the triangle button on your controller) and write “Minecraft” . It should then come up as the first result, select it and you will be on the Minecraft product page. From here you can choose whether to purchase the full version for 18.99 euros(price subject to change), or download the free trial version. For payment you can use either your credit card or PayPal account, or the balance of your PS Store wallet, which can be recharged via prepaid cards. Once purchased, the download will start automatically and to start it, simply open the new box that will appear on your PlayStation menu. I remind you that if you are a PS5 owner, you can also play the PS4 versions of video games without problems, as in this case.

If you are currently unable to complete the purchase from your console, you can also do so directly from your web browser. Simply connect to the PlayStation Store website , log in with the same account linked to your console and complete the purchase. Once done, you can download the game directly from your console, checking your collection of games already purchased.

In case you prefer the physical version, you can easily order it from the Internet.

How to buy Minecraft on Xbox

How to buy Minecraft on Xbox

If you want to purchase Minecraft on your Xbox console, before starting make sure you have created an Xbox account and that your console is connected to the Internet. If you find difficulty in this last configuration I recommend you follow my article on how to connect the Xbox to the Internet . If you’re ready to go, to get started simply select the Store item from the Home screen of your console. Then select the magnifying glass icon to use the search function and enter the name “Minecraft” .

Once you have found the most relevant result, access the product page to complete the purchase for 19.99 euros (price subject to change). You will be able to choose your preferred payment method such as credit card or PayPal account. Or if you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription (which for a monthly or annual fee allows you to gain access to many games), Minecraft is already included in the large catalog of games available.

If you want to make the purchase from another platform, you can do so from a web browser. Connect to the Xbox website and complete the purchase of the game by first logging in with the account linked to your console. This way the game will be purchased on your account and you can download it later from your Xbox.

If you prefer to have the “boxed” version of the game, you can order it from the Internet.

How to buy Minecraft on Switch

How to buy Minecraft on Switch

To buy Minecraft on Switch , all you have to do is take your console, open the eShop by selecting the circular shopping bag icon, present in the console Home. If you find it difficult to access the eShop, perhaps because you can’t connect to the Internet, you can consult my article on how to download games on Switch , in which I explain step by step how to configure your console so that it is ready to play and take advantage of all its features.

Also remember that you need a Nintendo account to use the eShop, in case you haven’t created one yet, I’ll direct you to my article on how to create a Nintendo account . Once you’ve made sure you have an Internet connection and a Nintendo Account, log into the eShop and use the search function to enter the name “ Minecraft” .

Once you have found the result you are looking for, select it by pressing the A button and you will be able to complete the purchase for 29.99 $(price subject to change) with your preferred payment method, including credit card and PayPal account. In case you have some gold coins , you can also get a discount on the price!

If you prefer to purchase the game online from another platform because you don’t currently have your console available, you can always connect to the web version of the Nintendo eShop and purchase Minecraft from here. Keep in mind that you must first log in with the same account that is connected to your console to be able to have it and download it whenever you want.

Do you want the boxed version of the video game instead for collection or convenience? No problem, you can order it in just a few clicks from the Internet.Nintendo Minecraft – Switch – Italian languageSee offer on Amazon

How to buy Minecraft on smartphones and tablets

To buy Minecraft on smartphones and tablets, there really is nothing simpler. I will guide you through the purchase for both Android , iPhone and iPad .

How to buy Minecraft on Android

To purchase Minecraft on your Android device you need to go to the Play Store . Then search for the Play Store app on your phone (it has the icon of a colored triangle which represents the play button) and open it. To use it you will need a Google account . Using the search function, enter “Minecraft” . Once you find the product page , select the button with the price (6.99 Dollars at the time of writing) and you can choose your payment method, such as credit card or PayPal, if you don’t already have a favorite set. Once this is done, the application should automatically download, which you will then find on the home page of your phone, or in the applications collection.

If you need further details on how to buy apps on Android , read my dedicated tutorial.

How to buy Minecraft on iPhone and iPad

To purchase Minecraft on your iPhone or iPad , open the App Store (the blue icon with the stylized letter “A”) and search for “Minecraft” . Once you find the game page , just purchase it by pressing the button with the price (6.99 euros at the time of writing) and verifying your identity via Face ID , Touch ID or Apple ID password .

If you need a more specific guide on how to purchase apps on iPhone and iPad , read my tutorial on the topic.

How to buy Minecraft for free

If you are interested in purchasing Minecraft for free , unfortunately I have to stop you by telling you that it is not possible to get the full version of the game without paying. But there are actually methods to have Minecraft without paying: for example the trial version which is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and PlayStation.

For PC you can download it from the official Minecraft website , while for Android just search for “Minecraft Trial” in the Play Store. For PlayStation it is possible to download the trial version directly from the video game product page .

Additionally, if you’re an Xbox or PC user ( Windows 10 and Windows 11 only ), Minecraft is included in your Xbox Game Pass subscription , which also contains hundreds of other video games. If you are interested in the latter, I invite you to take a look at the article regarding Game Pass in more detail.

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