How to search for people on Facebook by age

You signed up to Facebook hoping to be able to find, and therefore contact, all your former school friends. You don’t know how many of these people are registered on the social network, but you would still like to give it a try, searching for them based on their date of birth, as you fear you might not remember their names and surnames exactly.

If this is the case and, therefore, if you are wondering how to search for people on Facebook by age, you will be happy to know that you are by reading the tutorial that’s right for you. However, I must inform you that Facebook does not allow you to carry out advanced searches to find people based on their age; However, by implementing the procedures that I will illustrate in the next chapters, you will still be able to succeed in your intended aim by using the social network’s search engine.

Having made these initial premises, I would say that we can move on to action. So make yourself comfortable, take all the time you need to concentrate on reading this guide of mine and, even more importantly, put into practice the instructions that I will provide you in the next chapters. I wish you a good read and I wish you good luck in your search!

Preliminary information

How to search for people on Facebook by age

As anticipated, before explaining how to search for people on Facebook by age I must remind you that the social network does not provide a search filter by age or year of birth.

However, it is precisely by using the social network’s search engine that it is possible to find people on Facebook, filtering the search with the other parameters made available, such as school or university, as well as the city and the work.

By making use of these tools, you can therefore alternatively succeed in the aim you have set yourself. Furthermore, by following the instructions that I will provide you in this tutorial, once you have identified the profile of the user you are interested in, you can explore their information on the profile, so we can see your date of birth, if this information is public< a i=6>.

By doing this you will have a greater chance of finding the profiles of the people you are looking for on Facebook and will therefore be able to send them a friend request. All clear? Yes? Great, let’s get started then!

How to find people on Facebook by age

Having made the initial premises, let’s see together, step by step, how to search for people on Facebook by age acting as smartphone, using the Facebook app for Android (also downloadable from alternative stores) and iOS/iPadOS, as well as from computer, via the Facebook official website or using its application for Windows.


To search for people on Facebook from smartphones and tablets, launch the Facebook app, log in to your account, if necessary, and tap the magnifying glass icon , top right.

Now, on the next screen, use the search bar to type your name tab to view a list of Facebook users who match your search criteria.People of the person you want to find. Now, tap on the surname and the

At this point, to further refine your search, press the button with the lines at the top right. Choose, then, whether to apply some filters, such as those relating to city, toeducation button.Show results. When you finish applying the filters, press the friends of friends , choosing for example whether to display only people who are friends. You can also filter the search by work or at

Did you find the person you were looking for? Tap their name to view their profile and then tap See [username]’s information to view their date of birth, if publicly visible, in the Basic Info tab. Finally, if you want to add that person to friends, all you have to do is press the Add to friends button.


Searching for people on Facebook from your computer is equally simple: to start, connect to the main page of the social network and log in to your account.

Once this is done, using the search engine (the icon of the magnifying glass) type the on the computer keyboard.Enter of the person you want to find and press surname and first name

Nella schermata successiva, premi sulla voce Persone, nella barra laterale sinistra per focalizzare la ricerca sui profili delle persone, escludendo pagine e gruppi. Successivamente, filtra la ricerca per città ed eventualmente anche per istruzione o lavoro, in modo da restringere il campo. Inoltre per affinare ulteriormente la ricerca, puoi attivare l’opzione Amici degli amici per visualizzare solo i profili delle persone che hanno amici in comune con te.

By doing so, you will be able to see the profiles of the people who match the search parameters you entered. So, if you think you’ve found the person you were looking for, click on their name to see their profile : your date of birth, if this information is publicly available, can be viewed in the < tab a i=9>Information > Contact and basic information.

Finally, I remind you that, if you know the person you identified on Facebook, you can send them a friend request by pressing the Add to friends

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