How to Sync iCloud Contacts with Google

It is an old talk when Apple users had compatibility issues with Google. Now it is easy to sync the iCloud data (contacts , reminders etc) with Google account. People generally have multiple gadgets now. Some of might be from Apple, or the other may be by Google. The single user expects the data to be available right with them in case it is needed.

How to Sync iCloud Contacts with Google
How to Sync iCloud Contacts with Google

Before i start to tell the way of syncronising iCloud contacts with Google, i will tell you my personal usage scenario and the solution. I have Apple phones and laptops but i use the gmail services. I feel a high need to sync my contacts with all the devices i use. Like while i wish to send an email through my web browser, i expect to see the contacts right their in the gmail interface. Normally when i meet new people i save the contact details using my phone. Sometimes people share the contact cards via instant messengers which again gets stored using the phone itself. My phone syncs the data with iCloud and i end up seeing them in Gmail. So, i end up in a mess. But i have a solution for that and you all should follow.

Sync iCloud Contacts with Google

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone and tap your user profile.
  2. Now click on iCloud & by using the toggle switch enable sync with iCloud.
  3. Visit & login with the user credentials.
  4. Go to contacts and select all contacts.
  5. No go to Settings gear button in the left side of the screen & select export vcard (.vcf file)
  6. Now go to gmail contacts and click import contacts.
  7. Upload the iCloud vcf file and select import contacts option.
  8. That’s it.

Steps to follow

You can selectively select different contact selection using the keyboard options. To select all contacts in one go, it is easier to follow on Computer.

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