The best way to test speed of your WiFi Router

Here we present you the tool to check the connection speed of your devices with your WiFi Router. If you connect to internet with a router in between your device and world wide web, then it is really important to know how fast your device interacts with the router device.

WiFi Router Speed Test
Router Speed test

Super fast internet connections are available and if you are not able to utilise the complete bandwidth, you should fix it. With our free guide you can analyse the baud rate with which your devices are sending and receiving the data. It also facilitates to filter out low performing devices.

Steps to check WiFi Router Speed

  1. First install Techcheater recommended official app using this link.
  2. Open the application Tap the  tab, then Network check.
  3. Now tap Test Wi Fi on the Network check screen.
  4. Speed test calculation for all devices will start.
  5. The WiFi router speed results will appear along the individual device.

Understanding the results

Along with the baud rate speed, you will also see the colour coded results in front of your every checked device. Here is what a colour signifies.

GreenExcellent Device and Wifi Router connection
YellowUnderperforming device and WiFi router connection
RedLimited or No Connectivity

Official Download Links

  1. Techcheater Wi-Fi router speed test app for Android : Download Link
  2. Techcheater WiFi Router speed test app for iOS : Download link


The free tool performs the router speed test for your WiFi and all connected devices. It is interesting to note that this Speed test is specific to check the Router device connection.

If you face any problem or you have any specific question, you can reach us through our contact page or you can drop a comment below.

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