Way of having no face on Roblox & become faceless (Windows, Mac, Mobile)

Removing face from Roblox avatar is simple and easy, but that needs a sequence of steps to be followed. Here we will give you step by step tutorial to make avatar faceless on devices including Mac, Mobile phones, Windows PC & Laptop.

have no face on Roblox

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How to have no face on Roblox

On Windows PC

  1. Go to Avatar shop -> Remove head of avatar.
  2. Click Start & Type Roblox Player and right click to open file location.
  3. Go to Content -> Avatar -> Heads.
  4. Cut the “Heads” folder & paste it in Downloads section.
  5. Open any Roblox game & your avatar will load without head.

On Mac

  1. Go to Finder -> Applications -> Roblox
  2. Now Right click on Roblox and select Show Package Contents
  3. Go to Contents -> Resources -> Content
  4. Cut & Move the heads subfolder to the main folder.
  5. Open any Roblox game & your avatar will have no head.

Mobile Steps

  1. Open Roblox app & go to Robloxian’s icon.
  2. Click Shop & Search for City Life Woman.
  3. Buy free bundle & Go back to the Shop
  4. Search Orange Beanie with Black Hair
  5. Go to Customize Avatar -> Wear City Life WomanOrange Beanie with Black Hair
  6. Open Roblox.com on your mobile web browser and continue in browser.
  7. Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner and select Desktop Site to enable it
  8. Go to Avatar -> Avatar Customizarion -> Body -> Skin Tone -> Advanced.
  9. Select Head select Black.
  10. Open Roblox & Open avatar customization.
  11. For the best results, select Body, and then scroll down until you see the option to use Body Type R6
  12. Either body type should create the illusion that you are headless, however the R6 version appears to look better
  13. Your avatar should now appear headless!

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