How to get candy in Blox Fruits (Roblox 2024)

Blox Fruits is another popular game in the Roblox world. There are different ways for getting the candy in Blox fruits which depend on your level and playstyle. Let us have a look.

Methods for getting Candy in Blox Fruit

  1. Defeat Enemies : This is the popular, free to use and effecctive method. Though it might be skill dependent and may take time as per your gameplay. Also, there are several important points to remember while expecting the candy drops during defeating an enemy :
    • Enemy level: Higher-level enemies are more likely to drop candy and drop more of it.
    • Boss vs. regular enemies: Boss Enemies have a guaranteed candy drops and that too 10 – 14 candies while normal enemies will be lower or zero.
  2. Server Hopping : You may Join different servers repeatedly and fight same enemy.
  3. Keep an Eye on Events : Events like Christmas etc offer to give candies through different activities. This is not just limited to christmas, this will be there throughout the year.
  4. Trading: You may trade any of your item with other players in exchange of a candy.
  5. Faster Farming : Use fighting styles and the fruit abilities to defeat enemies quickly. More quick you are, more quickly you will get the candies.

Moreover, people follow a approach of using fake auto clickers. This is unethical and we do not encourage this for fair gameplay.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

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