Can you use Face ID on iPhone while wearing the mask ? Check it now!!

New iPhone models use the Face Identification for locking & unlocking the screen. If you cover your face with the mask, then you might face issue to unlock your device. Here we will tell you a way with which you will be able to use Face ID with your mask on.

Use Face ID on your iPhone while wearing Mask
Girl unlocking phone with Face ID while wearing mask

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Using Face ID on your iPhone while wearing Mask

The steps are simple and it will let you use the Face ID when you are wearing mask. Let us check the details below

  1. Go to Settings > Face ID and passcode > Reset face ID.
  2. Now, click Configure alternate appearance.
  3. Wear your mask and start setting your Face ID,
  4. Move your face slowly to save the Face Identification.
  5. That is it.

Important : The steps are easy to read but difficult to perform. You need to be cautious during the process. When you wear mask and start recording the face, then you might see a message “Face is Blocked”. When you see this message, you have to move your mask a bit lower. This thing should be very slowly. As soon as iPhone asks you to record the face, proceed with the mask on.

Also, Apple is releasing an update soon in iOS 13.5 , which will by default consider the mask on your face and will work intelligently to uncock your device.

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