How to Connect Fire Stick to Laptop

How to Connect Fire Stick to Laptop

Amazon technology lets you connect your Fire Stick to the Laptop. This tutorial will guide you to connect your laptop with the gadget. Now there are two possibilities. One is to connect and view the laptop content on the TV which is connected with Firestick. Second is to connect the Firestick gadget on the laptop screen and view the content on the Laptop itself. The possibility of second one is less, still we will provide you with the information.

How to Connect Fire Stick to Laptop

Steps to Connect Fire Stick with any Laptop

  1. Plugin the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of the Screen.
  2. Now connect the device to the external power source and select the appropriate HDMI source on TV.
  3. Launch Settings -> Network -> Wi Fi Network and enter the password.
  4. After the successful connection, long press the home button on firestick remote and select mirroring.
  5. Accept the taskbar popup on your laptop and you can see the mirror content.

To perform the above steps, it is very important that you connect your Fire Stick to the same Wi Fi network as that of your Laptop. Else you will not be able to see the mirror content.

Direct Connection

If you wish to connect Fire Stick directly with the Laptop, you should ensure that the laptop has its own HDMi port with it. You can plugin the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of the laptop and then connect it with the same Wi Fi network. After the successful WiFi connection, your laptop and Fire Stick will be on the same network.


Do ensure that you are entering the correct password for the Wi-Fi connection. If the password is correct, do ensure that your Wi Fi router device limit is not yet reached. Still if you are not able to connect, just try restarting the router and then proceed. If the problems still exist, do contact the Amazon support immediately.

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How to Connect Fire Stick to TV

How to Connect Fire Stick to TV

Amazon Fire Stick is a wonderful gadget that requires five minutes to connect and setup with TV. It is compatible with all the televisions which have the HDMI port with them. The process is very simple and hassle free. So, just get ready with your device and perform the below steps.

How to Connect Fire Stick to TV
How to Connect Fire Stick to TV

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Steps to Connect :

  1. Unbox the device and plug it in the HDMI port of the TV.
  2. Connect the Fire stick’s second end with the power source using the available in box connector.
  3. Now Select the HDMI port input source on your television.
  4. Use the Fire Stick remote to Access Settings -> Network and select your own WiFi network.
  5. That’s it. Your device is now connected with your TV.

After the successful connection, you can play Videos, Games or mirror your smartphone. If you face any issues, you can refer the below points.


If somehow, you are not able to establish a successful connection between Fire Stick and your TV, then please refer the below points in seqeuntial order.

  • Verify if you are entering the correct Wi Fi password.
  • Your Wi Fi router has ability to connect to one more device. Meaning to say, it should have a space to reach the number of maximum connectable devices.
  • Turn Off the Router and wait for 5 minutes. Now again power on your Router and try connecting again.
  • Your HDMI port is not faulty. You can verify this by either connecting your Fire Stick to second port. Also, you can ensure this by connecting some other device on the same HDMI port.

If after performing the above steps, still you are not able to establish a connection, then you should immediately contact the Amazon Support number. If your product is under exchange conditions, then you can get a new product without paying anything extra. It could be possible for some locations, that Amazon will repair the device without charging your anything extra.

Roblox Password Guessing : 5 Ways to Save your User Account

Roblox Password Guessing

Roblox Password Guessing might let the unethical people get access to your user account. Somebody might be trying to guess your Roblox User name and password. Roblox, is a popular gaming platform where you might be there either as a game developer or as a user. With a large number of authentic players, there is always a risk of loosing access to the user account as there are different minds looking at your data with wrong intentions.

Roblox Password Guessing
Save your account from attacks

Guessing any Roblox Account Password

Roblox password guessing is an unethical approach by cyber criminals to access the Roblox Account of any user. The process is simple and sometimes followed by somebody known or a friend. Though, it is not limited to your acquiantances only. It does not involve coding or any software. But it is a trick to strike the password with a calculated process.

5 major ways to secure your Roblox Account :

Do not use the Common Passwords for Roblox

Sometimes it happen that the user put a random keyboard sequence or a common phrase as their user password. Many a times it happen, that in order to keep a remembrable password, a common day to day slang is used. This should be avoided. The first thing the hacker does is uses a script to enter the list of common passwords through the web browser. If it matches, then the account is accessed.

Here is the list of passwords which you can guess for Roblox User account:

  • abc123
  • 123456@
  • 12345678
  • letmein
  • qwerty
  • ooreoy
  • 111111
  • iloveyou
  • dragon
  • Password
  • trustno1
  • sunshine
  • master
  • 123123
  • Michael
  • ninjashadow
  • Ashley
  • football
  • Jesus
  • baseball
  • welcome
  • password1
  • 1234567

Always Use Caps Lock with the common Passwords

If you are somehow habitual of putting a same password everywhere, or you are using a password out of the common list, then you can make it strong by using Bold letters in between. You can try out the following things.

  • First Letter small and other as CAPS.
  • Using Even letters Bold and Odd letters Small.
  • Try putting special charecters in between the password. Like you can use ilo#veyou instead of using iloveyou as the password.

A strong Password reset security question

Again, this is something which most people ignore. They keep a useless security question answer. This method is most commonly usable by the known people. The security questions are easy to guess and people who know each other can easily identify. For example, the most common set security question is “What is your pet’s name”?

In the case if somebody knows you, then it is very easier for them to access your password.

Never Use car number as a password

Majority of boys set their password as their car / bike number. This is something which you should never do. If i want to access my friends account, i will try first with the girfriend name and then the car number.

Do not use Mobile number in your login details

Mobile number is another very common thing which people use for their account password. Most of the people who use this password are below the age of 25. But the people with a sense of maturity do not put this as their password.


It is very important to protect yourself from cyber crime. If you see / face any such incident, you should definitely inform your local police. You can also contact us. We will be with you and will help you out of the unwanted circumstances.

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Check Internet Speed on Laptop with free Techcheater Online Tool

Check Internet Speed on Laptop

Internet Speed Check specifically for Laptop users. This tool will test connection and work for Windows 7, 10, 8 , xp , MAC, Macbook Air and Pro laptop devices. Best thing is that it is absolutely free to use and works in seconds. The data is highly accurate and the output is unbiased without favouring a particular internet provider.

Check Internet Speed on Laptop
Internet speed on Laptop

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Check Internet Speed on Laptop

Techcheater offers you free browser based tool to check / test Internet speed on Your Laptop. Just connect to the internet connection of which you wish to check the speed and that is it. This will work on every laptop which can connect to the internet using a web browser.

Steps To Perform:

  1. Click this link to Launch the Techcheater Internet Speed Partner tool.
  2. Locate the Run Test Button on the opened page and click it.
  3. Wait for few seconds for the script to analyse the connection.
  4. Your Internet speed will be shown.

We have created the browser based tool to ease the execution and make it convenient for the end user. There is no need to install any software or any app. Just bookmark this tool and access it anywhere and anytime whenever you wish to check the speed. Our tool is designed in a way to give you the most accurate results.

If you have any suggestion or feedback, you can share with us via our contact page.

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  2. Test Your WiFi speed. Know exactly how fast your wifi router is communicating with your laptop. This will help you analyse if WiFi Router is slowing down your internet connection.

Conduent Connect : Log in / Self Service to Conduent Connect Account

conduent connect

Get Access to the Conduent Connect portal. After you sign in / login to your Conduent Connect account, you can check anything related to the organisation. Enter your user credentials here & manage your profile. You can also check your payroll details including CTC, Tax Declaration and payslips. If you wish to apply and manage leave details or even to Job referrals, the portal will assist you.

conduent connect
portal login

When an employee joins the organisation, the user account is created by the HR tea. Also, it will be same as the same user ID with which you login to your computer. When you are logged in to the PC, the cookies of your system will logon your profile to the Conduent portal.

Conduent Connect

As soon as you sign in to Conduent Connect, you will get access to everything related to Employee and the organisation. Use this tool effectively and you can get anything which you need in the company.

Here is the link to proceed.

url :

Facilities & Features of The Conduent Employee Portal

  1. Latest news of the organisation.
  2. Single Portal for every detail of your Organisation.
  3. Create and manage service requests using tickets for smoother and faster execution.
  4. Apply for job openings within the organisation.
  5. Refer your friends and relatives for the jobs.
  6. Payroll management.
  7. Leave management.
  8. Requesting a transfer or new asset request.
  9. Book travel tickets and hotels for business trip.
  10. Information of the organisation within the globe.

For better management of the tasks and details, every bigger company has their own portal where the requests and details are managed centrally.

Without tools like this, it is highly impossible for an organisation to entertain every employees request.

Other Search Terms

  • FEPS Conduent Login.
  • conduent login connect
  • conduentconnect
  • life at work portal conduent
  • conduentconnect login
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  • conduent employee portal
  • conduent life portal
  • conduent.connect

Still, if you have any query or concern, you can directly get in touch with your department HR.

Error with camera: [object mediastreamerror] | Fix Omegle Camera Not Working

Fix Omegle Camera Not Working

If Your Omegle Camera is not working and throwing this warning – error with camera: [object mediastreamerror] on any of the web browser, then you need to perform few actions. The problem is possible to occur on all the available web browsers including Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Microsoft edge and many more.

Fix Omegle Camera Not Working
Omegle Camera Error

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Omegle Camera Not Working

If you are getting Error with camera: [object mediastreamerror] or any error message while using omegle and your camera is not working, you need to make some checks before. To do that, you need to understand the reason behind the problem.

Possible Reasons & Solution

There might be 3 possible reasons:

Faulty Hardware

If your Web cam is faulty, you have to get a new one or you can ask the engineer to fix this. But if your camera hardware is perfectly fine, you can check for other possibilities. To diagnose if this is the problem, try using any other app and launch the camera. If you are able to see camera image, it is fine.

Camera Drivers

If you are not able to see the camera photo in any of the other app as well, try checking for the system drivers. Perform below steps as per your device.


  1. Click Start  button, enter device manager, and then select Device Manager.
  2. Look under Cameras, Imaging devices or Sound, video and game controllers.
  3. Press and hold (or right-click) the name of your webcam, and then select Properties.
  4. Select the Driver tab, select the Driver Details button, and look for a file name that includes stream.sys. If it’s there, your webcam was designed before Windows 7 and you’ll have to replace it with a newer webcam.
  5. If you don’t find a file name that includes stream.sys, try rolling back your webcam driver.

Rolling Back

  1. In Device Manager, press and hold (or right-click) your webcam, and then select Properties.
  2. Select the Driver tab, select Roll Back Driver, and then choose Yes. Some drivers don’t provide this option. If your driver doesn’t have Roll Back Driver available, go ahead to the next fix.
  3. After the roll back is complete, restart your computer, and then try opening the Camera app again.
  4. If rolling back didn’t work or isn’t available, uninstall your webcam driver and scan for hardware changes.


Go to app store and update all the pending things to get the latest software and drivers.

Android / iOS / Any other Smartphone

Make sure you are running the latest app version along with the latest Software version as well.

Outdated Browser / Browser Data

Try using some other web browser for the same, if the problem is there than it could be something else than your internet browser. You can also check and update your browser to the latest version and then check if the problem is there.

Additionally, you can clear up all the Browser data including Cookies and re check for the omegle service. If problems are still existing, then you may proceed with the below step.

No Flash Player

Flash player is required for running the web based camera applications. You can get the Flash player from their official site.

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